Absolems' Garden

Providing perfect finishing pieces to your costumes and wardrobes!

Agreeable Agony

Agreeable Agony is a collective of crafters/artisans and kinksters from the east coast US who build beautiful handmade floggers, dragon tails, slappers, pitcher candles, claws, pretty colored bondage rope, and other unique kinky toys, and have a passion for sex education!


Curator & creator of the whimsical, wisher of the wondrous. Fine sterling silver, resin collage jewelry, cheap corsets & interesting gifts. Many one of a kind pieces. Do come in & touch stuff!

All The Cool Kids

Creative fantasy-inspired art for mind, body, and soul.

Altered Designs by SMC

New , Old to New . you never know what you’ll find…. I create and revision items. I create BDSM toys, pervertables, and suede and leather floggers. I also create a line of Steampunk based items, fingerless gauntlets and chokers, and spats.


Anarchy4All offers a large and changing product line to meet your kink needs. Products range from mild to wild, offering quality products at affordable prices for whatever your fun requires. Currently, products include a wide array of KNIVES, SWORDS , Kangaroo Whips along with a new line of great leather floggers & in addition to acrylic, lexan, delrin, & metal canes, and other impact, medical, fire, rope & rope accessories, sex & sensation toys. There’s something for everyone, from sensual to sadistic…mostly sadistic!

Artistic Anachronism

Husband and wife steampunk artist duo with a love for the dark side of Victorian history. Reproduction mourning jewelry, hand-crafted absinthe accessories and original art are specialties.


Horror collectibles and vinyl decals. Funko, NECA, Living Dead Dolls, Nightmare Before Christmas.

Brit Austin Illustration

☽ Illustrator & Designer of the magical, imaginary, and macabre ☾

Chris Raimo Art

Chris Raimo is an illustrator of all things paranormal, spooky, and weird!

Corvus Creations

We at Corvus Creations are the purveyors of fine Steampunk, Neo-Victorian, and Pagan jewelry and sundries.

Cosmetic Junkies

We offer the best in quality and custom blending in cosmetics. Create your unique shade of lipstick or eye shadows and beyond! We will have theatrical makeup from Graftobian and a wide selection of Falsies. ( EYELASHES that is!) Come by and be creative with your image by having your own blends made.

Countless Creations

Homemade bath & body products, jewelry, Candles, Weaponry, & whatever creations I can think of to make!

Custom Fangs NYC

SFX Contacts. Hand made leather accessories. Movie themed masks. Woodwork and Jewelry


Deja Jewels

Deja Jewels purveyors of One of A Kind, Handmade Jewelry designs. We feature Steampunk, Goth, Hippie & Boho styles. If it’s unusual, unique and just a bit dark it’s ours.

Delicious Boutique

His and hers ethically produced fashions for festivals and beyond! Delicious specializes in womens and mens neo-tribal and post-apocalyptic clothing, holsters, gear belts, accessories, and more.

Designs by Warped Thoughts

For Pain and Pleasure.

Those in the lifestyle know that there is a proper implement to achieve both pain and pleasure. Some enjoy implements that bring the “sting” and others enjoy the “thud”, Warped Thoughts paddles are sadistically designed to bring you the best of both worlds! We now have a line of Breast and Genitorture toys(male and female), hardwood constructed and some have a nasty bite!

Doctor Gus

Time travelers and creators, we make things that don’t fit in these times. We offer exclusively original handcrafted costume props and accessories. Our interactive displays and products will expand the imagination of our guests.

Dragon's Nest Designs

We are self-taught artists and designers whose love for history, art, architecture, mythology, and metaphysical designs inspired us to the create Dragons Nest Designs. We are in the business of making people happy. This Nest of wonderful Gothic, Nordic, Medieval jewelry, gifts, and accessories with unique and extraordinary designs takes individuals to items that bring them positive energy and transports them to faraway lands and legends.

Dragons Fair, LLC

Dragon and Fairy statues, wind chimes, and collectibles.

Ear Wraps

Earwrap earrings wrap around the ear no piercing required handcrafted one-of-a-kind registered and trademarked.

Earthly Leather Design

All the Leather and Feathers you could need or want and more. We hand make all of our items, body pieces, jewelry, bags, belts, head pieces, collars and so much more. We make fur clothing , we also have pelts and tails. Plus we will be bringing a special line of items just for this show.

Erik's Inspiration

Erik’s Inspiration specializes in hand-made masks, headdresses and ornaments for those with a passion for the extraordinary. Each piece is meticulously hand crafted with natural elements including feathers, paper and natural gemstones.

Felix Eddy - The Clockwork Sphinx

Fine art, prints, original embroidered accessories by Felix Eddy

FishScale Creations

Handmade unique jewelry, accessories and boxes.


FotoPlex are your premiere green-screen portrait specialists! We come well prepared with backdrops from the 1800s to 1900s as well as Steampunk fantasy backdrops. You work hard on your Steampunk couture and accessories. You deserve to showcase them properly. Let FotoPlex take your picture in another time… a BETTER time and immortalize the moment for you. Obtain art-quality printing in mere minutes and enjoy your portraits for years to come! Use our props or your own!

Goth Fae / Steampunk Dollie

Goth Fae / Steampunk Dollie offers an intriguing blend of Steam-Goth and Victorian Retro-Futuristic styles, accented with a splash of sideshow spice, to present a mixture of clothing that will appeal to a wide range of alternative-fashion enthusiasts.


Hibernacula: The esoteric boutique, celebrating the scientific, the sacred, and the sublime! Treasures and talismans to delight the heart and ignite the imagination.

Jekyll Hyde Jewelry

Hand-crafted gothic fantasy and steampunk jewelry, accessories, and decor featuring bones, antique skeleton keys, hand-crafted sculptures, and raw and polished gemstones. Many items are one of a kind designs. Custom commissions are available for those looking for the perfect accessory to match their outfit or costume!

K and C Candy

Greetings! Lifetime long time friends, Christine Corrado and Kat Grigg decided to begin creating K & C Candy in the fall of 2012 . K & C Candy tempers only the finest Belgian chocolate for our confections, using only natural ingredients and flavors in making everything we create. Our “out of this world” caramels are hand cooled, cut and wrapped..like everything we do here from our loving hands to your plates..

Knightly Endeavors

Renaissance Clothing, Cosplay, and Fantasy Bridal wares.

Lady Cassaundra's Stuff 'N Things

We have every things from 8 bit sculptures, 3D printed figures and video game inspired hand made jewelry to bath bombs. Its a crazy mix of awesome unique collectibles, wearable art, and relaxation.

Latex Nemesis

Latex, leather, and PVC fashion, gear and accessories from our Jersey City store.

Lilla Rose

Flexible metal hair pieces

Lovely Landfill

Lovely Landfill is operated by Karyn Ironsides, a surreal and horror artist from central New Jersey specializing in aesthetic gore and creepy ladies.

Magick & Macabre Co.

Magick & Macabre Co. is home to spooky vegan bath products, mystical jewelry, cruelty-free animal skull art, and occult supplies. They also offer a monthly witchy subscription service.

Metal Di Muse

Rock, Goth, Pirate, Steampunk, Victorian & Vintage style jewelry. Original designs by Dawn Santucci using oxidized and silver plated brass stamping. Most of the pieces are striked on molds that are over 100 years old.

Miatawolf Impressions

We are a second-hand unique glass etching artists. Most forms of glass are a piece of art waiting to be discovered and pulled forth from the darkness of boredom. If you have a piece of glass that you is screaming for more, contact us and we can work together to bring forth your vision

Midnight Orchid Design

We sell an eclectic mix of steampunk, bellydance and everyday wear. Many of our items are up-cycled from fabrics from all over the world. Our hitcher skirt sets are our most popular item due to adjustability. The upcycled items include army uniforms, WWII scarves, antique obi and kimono to saris from India. Just to name a few.


NyghtCraft; Unique and Dark Custom Crafted Leather Art wear From the Nether World for Another World.

Palm Readings by Shannon

Very accurate palm readings from an honest and gregarious person.

Pandora's Box

Luxury toys for all bodies, plus hand crafted BDSM gear.

Pendragon Chainmail

Handmade Chainmail with a life-time guarantee.  Custom Chainmail work.  We carry women’s and men’s Chainmail.  Chainmail decor, whips, floggers, belts and other accessories.

Petunia Rocks!

Petunia Rocks! presents a collection of goth, punk and fashions. From Handbags, Jewelry and clothing. If you have a taste for the unusual and unique Petunia Rocks! has it all for your devilish soul.


Pyaara creates beautiful hair flowers, flower crowns with skull and dark faerie themes, feather fascinators, hair sticks, metal-studded headbands, multi-colored yarn falls, goth cameo fascinators and pins (cats, bats, ravens, skulls, and more) and organza tutus for adults.

Red Dog Press

Red Dog Press will have a limited supply of hardcover and paperback copies of books, custom flash drives, concept art posters, tote bags and more. All signed by NYT and USAT best selling author Patricia Loofbourrow!

Skin Freaks

Skin Freaks specializes in silicone special effects prosthetics, accessories, and costume enhancements.

Solstice Born Pottery

Solstice born pottery  is an unusual type of pottery because we do not do what the mundanes would consider craft fair Pottery. We use no molds. We use no casts. We reproduce nothing twice. Everything we make is stoneware which means that it’s oven-proof, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe. And everything is completely lead free and cadmium free. We do 11th century reverse carving combined with sculpting. We do take custom orders. Please visit solstice born pottery site on Facebook to learn more and follow our journey. We have been making pottery for over 30 years.

Steampunk by KISS

We sell unique and one of a kind up-cycled steampunk clothing, corsets and accessories.

Steampunk Parliament

Victorian inspired handmade lace jewelry, steampunk themed t-shirts, goth friendly stickers, pins, magnets, accessories, home decor, and more skull products than you can shake your walking cane at. So put on your top hat and come on down to Steampunk Parliament, where edgy meets lace and takes her out for a drink.

Strange Omens

Based out of South Jersey,  Strange Omens sells at pagan events and goth clubs across the North East.  With ritual items, talisman necklaces, t-shirts, all natural bath and body products, and more, we’re sure to have something for every unusual interest.

Swav Jusis Photography

Photographer with previous shows in NYC, London, and Philly. Book : Vampire,  Gothic & Alternative Female Beauty can be found at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Team Manticore

Rowyn Golde and Robert Silver are Team Manticore (and married).

Rowyn is best known for a dark comedy webcomic, Deddrie: The Cornsbrook Killer.  Oh Hell, Donna! is a graphic-novel about demons.

Rob is doing Unmedicated, a non-sequitur with philosophy and a potato, and EVE, a suspenseful science fiction film.

Teeth By Dnash

Established in 1995, Teeth By Dnash is widely regarded as one of the world’s finest purveyors of custom made Teeth, Tusks, and Fangs.

The Chemical Crew

We’re a group who consist of dancers, performers, cosplayers, and models. We specialize in a variety of events such as conventions (comics, anime, horror, fetish and alternative), EDM parties, alternative events, and interactive/art performances.

We sell a variety of products such as: clothing, books, accessories and collectibles.

The Devil's Darkroom

The Devils Darkroom is a ferrotype photography Studio (wet plate or tin types). Just how they were done during the 1860’s. Techniques used by The Devils Darkroom are true to the 19th century and some of the equipment is over 150 years old. Each picture is one of a kind, and will last a lifetime. A truly unique experience.

The Mechanical Meow

The Mechanical Meow is unique jewelry designs inspired by industrial chic, Neo-Victorian, Edwardian, and the steampunk ethos. A fashion that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery.

A portion of all proceeds go to help animals in need. Meow!

The North Jersey Girls

The North Jersey Girls believe in making tasty treats to sooth or excite depending on your mood. We also believe in up cycling whenever we can. We offer a unique line of accessories to those with unusual tastes.

The Old Bones Jewelry Designs

Unique necklaces, bracelets and earrings handcrafted for your inner demon. Skull Poison bottle necklaces, Mojo bottle necklaces, Skulls of various creatures and designs using genuine Swarovski crystals. Each one unique and one of a kind.

The Roguish Rabbit

The Roguish Rabbit is a repository of steampunk, geeky, dark and twisted accessories, wearable articulated wings, hats, bags, goggles and so much more! All work is handmade and one of a kind, no two items are the same, and affordable for all purse sizes. Ask us about custom work as we are always open to new ideas.

Un-Re Designs

Un-Re Designs is a handmade seller of plus sized alternative and Japanese street fashion and accessories.

Violet Wand Store

Violet Wands and Accessories as well as unique props for your play.

Wayward Leather Design

Handcrafted leatherworker, known for monsters, sculptures, and embroidery.

Willow's Creatures

Magical, mythical or mundane, I can crochet anything! Custom orders always welcome!