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Featured Vendors:

Alchemy of the Pen

Alchemy of the Pen’s, Hilary Martin, offers surreal artwork that encourages the viewer to delve deeper into the underpinnings interwoven within her art.

Amber Gryphon Armory

A family of artists that fabricates handmade high fantasy and horror artwork, ceramics, and mixed media themed creations. Amber Gryphon Armory utilizes real taxidermy specimens (ethically sourced from licensed providers) to make jewelry, cosplay pieces, and fantasy themed material for our customers.

Beautiful Freak Cosmetics

Goth skincare and cosmetics for those who live on the dark side. Normal is overrated. Hand made, small batch. Made in NYC, by goths, for everyone.

Coquina Arts Stained Glass

We are a collaboration of stained glass and paintings on glass specializing in spiritual and abstract images as well as custom items.

Coquina Arts Facebook

Holmes Haus Photography

Holmes Haus Photography creates fine art portrait photography inspired by Victorian mourning rituals, Scottish folklore, New England history, witchcraft, and the occult. You can either star in your own fantasy by commissioning your own photo shoot, or purchase prints and other items adorned with their dark, surreal imagery.

lil CIRCE’s Sorcery

Take a step into the magic of lil CIRCE’S Sorcery. Offering handcrafted art made from a range of materials, and one of a kind customs your desires will forever be fulfilled.

MatLou Craft

I am a pyrography Artist and craft artist. I do anything from wood-burning, Carving and resin art. Custom art portraits, fan art, you name it. Nothing I haven’t been able to burn or create. My personal art is a bit on the dark side. But I can create anything for anyone.

MatLou Craft Facebook

Midnight Enchantment: Potions & Portents

Your friendly neighborhood Oracle & purveyor of dark witchy goodness.

Enchantment Shoppe

The Amber Dragon

Metaphysical Shop. Crystals. Jewelry, Tarot, Books, Singing Bowls, Tapestries, Altar Supplies, Magickal Tools, So Much More…

The Amber Dragon Facebook

Valhalla Horns
Release your Inner Viking with a handmade drinking horn from Valhalla Horns

Vampyre Magazine

Vampyre Magazine was founded by Father Sebastiaan in the late 1990’s. The first 3 issues, then, sold over 25,000 copies. Vampyre Magazine exists to capture the Zeitgeist of the vampyre current. It has re-launched in 2021 to highlight the diverse talents and voices of the modern Vampire Community. This new era seeks to elevate an empowering message that holds modern vampires accountable to ethics that reflect our enlightened era. Entombed in these pages, you will find various artists, musicians, esotericists, leaders and visionaries. The opinions and artwork remain the intellectual property and opinions of those featured.

More Vendors:

3D Printing by Muckychris
3D Printed Horror and Punk goodies


Spellcraft supplies, scented oils and incense, tarot, and other lovely witchy things for lovely witchy things.

6Witch3 Facebook

Absolems Garden

Shiny Things! You want them, we’ve got them! Shiny things for fingers, necks, wrists, heads and entire bodies! Treat Yourself!

Absolems Garden Facebook

Airship Oddities

Mysterious Goods for the Discerning Eye – Jewelry and Accessories with a steampunk and dark fae twist.

Along the Spectrum – The Art of Kenneth Albert

I am a CT artist who suffers from anxiety, depression and has Asperger’s Syndrome. For the last 2 years my art has been my therapeutic vessel as well as a way to raise awareness for mental sickness and funds for suicide prevention and non-profit Autism organizations.

Art by Desi

Art by Desi offers henna and glitter body art to please the freak in everyone. From luscious traditional designs to fandom work, we can make almost all your body art dreams come true. If you’re part of a group, please stop by to ask about our game, Glitter Russian Roulette!

Art by Desi Facebook

At The Bottom
Dark fantasy illustration and design. Prints, stickers, t-shirts

Baby Bat Beauty

Baby Bat Beauty is the home of cute and creepy cosmetics at a price that won’t spook your wallet. We offer many products including lipsticks, eye shadows, palettes, bath bombs and glitter!

Bella’s Tchotchkis

3D printed and laser cut jewelry and accessories. From nerdy to spooky, we got you covered. Owned by burlesque performer Bella La Blanc. Bella’s Tchotchkis is also the original maker of the 3D printed pastie.

Black Ankh Designs

Gothic quilts and life accessories.

Black Ankh Designs

Blonde Swan Hats

By reinventing the art of hat-making, The Blonde Swan creates quality headwear that will last. Each of works of wearable art are “made from scratch” from premium leather in our Ohio studio, and we guarantee that your hat will turn heads!

Blonde Swan Hats Esty

Brain Fever Artwork

Brain Fever Artwork has a wide variety of dead stuff. Every thing is made by me! I do taxidermy, wet specimens, framed insects, Mummified specimens, clean animal skulls and so much more

Brit Austin Illustration

Brit Austin (she/they) is an artist whose work conjures dark folklore and the whimsical macabre. Their work combines traditional and digital mediums and has been shown in galleries across the US. Their original art, prints, apparel, and accessories are dying to haunt your mansion.

Cataacomb Culture

Catacomb Culture hand makes hyperrealistic functional human bone decor sculptures. ONLY for those who embrace death as a part of life.

Chaotic Arts

Anime and Video Game posters and shirts

Chaotic Arts Etsy

Custom Fangs NYC

NYC’s Only All Year Round Provider Of Custom Made Fangs (That are made same day within 2 hours. we also provide: SFX Contacts, Hand Made Dark Media Themed Woodwork Plaques, Horror Collectibles, Vintage Toys and Leather S&M Gear & Accessories.

Custom Fangs NYC Facebook

Dead End Threads
Dead End Threads is an alternative brand started in 2012. We specialize in screen printed shirts as well as pins, patches, collectibles and more! Now Stocking new items from Retro-A-Go-Go and Kreepseville 666 for 2022!

Dark Whimsy

Dark Whimsy offers original photo art items, specializing in the dark and different beauty that not everyone sees.

Delia LeFay’s Offerings

Hand crafted original scale and chain-mail designs. Unique line of club and festival wear including tops, belts, body jewelry, gloves and other accessories.

Delia Le Fay’s Offerings Etsy

Delicious Boutique

Delicious Boutique specializes in edgy men’s and women’s alternativ:e and dark fashions. We feature top quality, innovative apparel and accouterments by some of the most visionary artists of our time. We work exclusively with independent and limited run designers; nothing is mass produced or made in sweatshops.

Deviant Elegance

Corsets, Couture and Haberdashery for Humans and Dogs. We hand-make custom clothing in a variety of styles.

Deviant Elegance

Dragons Fair LLC

Dragons Fair is the place to indulge your love of dragons.

Dragons Fair Facebook

Dr. Pennskin/Filthy Farmgirl NYC

We are a husband and wife business. We make all of our products in the NY/NJ area. Have been producing our products for over 25 years.

Dr. Pennskin Facebook
FilthyFarmgirlNYC Facebook

Darkstar Fusion

DarkStar Fusion is an Apparel and Accessories manufacturer and direct to customer retailer in the heart of the Midwest and close to Chicago’s vibrant Gothic Industrial music scene. The products offered by DSF are pushing the limits of what is possible and enticing the market with tantalizing new fashions.

Darkstar Fusion Etsy

Dave Dick Illustration
Dave Dick Illustration specializes in all of your horror related art needs. Whether its ghosts, monsters or demons he has you covered.

Dyadic Design

Macabre headdresses and accoutrements. Inspired by victorian goth and made from ethicaly sourced bone.

Dyadic Design Etsy

Eclectic Jewelry

Eclectic Jewelry is a smorgasbord of styles, techniques and materials all used to create a vast array of fun and funky jewelry

Eclectic Jewelry’s Instagram

Fiendish Fox Co.

Purveyors of All Things Curious and Scurrilous – products inspired by all things dark, salacious, and unusual.

gemini crow hot sauce

Gemini Crow

Gemini Crow is an award winning artisan hot sauce company based out of northern New Jersey. Formed in 2013, Gemini Crow produces small batch hand-crafted hot sauces and spicy condiments. Catering to those who prefer mild heat to the throat ruining fire seekers, Gemini Crow sauces never compromise the most important element; delicious flavor!

Haus of Syn

Counter Culture Couture.


An esoteric boutique celebrating the sacred, the scientific, and the sublime.
Hibernacula Etsy

Inclement Illustrations

Dark fantasy and horror illustrations based on folklore and witchcraft in the form of fine art prints, stationary, and framed originals.

Jekyll Hyde Jewelry

Hand-crafted gothic, fantasy, and steampunk jewelry, accessories, and decor featuring bones, antique skeleton keys, hand-crafted sculptures, and raw and polished gemstones. Many items are one of a kind designs.

Jekyll Hyde Jewelry on Etsy

Juniper Jenn
Beautiful and unique handcrafted floggers, Paddles and kink aftercare products.

Kiss Designs

We create corsets and garb mainly from vintage, upcycled, antique and salvaged materials. Our creations have been featured in several print publications and museums, most recently our exhibit at the Morris Museum, a Smithsonian affiliate, has been extended an extra month due to its immense popularity.

Kiss Designs Facebook

Lethal Ware

Leather and Rubber Accessories!

Lethal Ware Etsy

Licata Custom Knives

Hand made metal work in a gothic tribal style of unique designs of blades, jewelry, crowns, goblets and unusual items.


Freehand engraved glass for drink and apothecary.

MadEtcha Facebook

MayFaire Moon Corsets & Costumes

If you have a dream that can be realized in silk and steel and satin, we’re here for you. Either off-the-rack or custom-made to your measurements, all of our pieces are handmade– and made to last. Our corsets can be simple and sleek, or feature 3D-printed or laser-cut elements that light up. We also do cosplay, gowns, and– of course!– wholly unique bridal attire. Come dream with us


We’re offering the world’s first 3D miniaturization photoshoot.
Strike your pose, and we’ll capture you in 3D. Our team works behind the scenes to shrink you down to a print-ready miniature model. You’ll get a miniature of yourself in the mail, AND a link to your print-ready model file.

Miss Candyholic

Miss Candyholic specializes in kawaii handmade clothing, accessories, and custom made commissions sold world wide! All of her items are inspired by kawaii Japanese street fashion and magical girls.


Molly Monroe

Molly Monroe Apparel
Punk/goth jewelry, clothing and accessories. Hand painted wearable art.

Morbid Auctions
An eBay of the macabre where people can purchase everything from real human skulls to Victorian post mortem photos to vintage religious articles and everything in between. If it’s creepy and LEGAL you can find it on our site.


I make jewelry for metalheads, goths, punks, noise nerds, gore groupies, dark artists and evil eccentrics. A celebration of individuality!

Necronomicharm Etsy

Object Natura

Object Natura is a mixed media mashup of art and nature, of the whimsical and the obscure, the new and the reclaimed. Specializing in art for macabre souls.

Old Bones Designs

Unique Jewelry and Oddities for Uniquely Odd People! Handcrafted jewelry, vintage & antique oddities , gothic home decor, Halloween decor.

Old Bone Designs Esty Shop

Osteal Blossoms
Osteal Blossoms creates jewelry for the macabre. Works include pendants, earrings, and rings made of ethically sourced bone, taxidermy, and human teeth. Kayla is a long time collector of taxidermy and oddities, and carries over her enthusiasm in to her work. Materials are found, processed, and sanitized professionally in order to be made into wearable pieces of artwork.

Palm Readings By Shannon

Very accurate palm readings from a friendly and gregarious person. 95% accuracy rating per client survey.

Palm Readings by Shannon Facebook

Petunia Rocks!

Petunia Rocks! elicits a strong emotional response from those with a devilishly fashionable spirit and a flair for the unique.

Pincushion Pinups

Pincushion Pinups from the mind of Autumn Bendall is art and crafts inspired by the aesthetics of German expressionism, Rococo, pop culture, and pinup girls. Gothic whimsy for your home.

PlusHii Kawaii

PlusHii Kawaii creates accessories and plus size apparel for fans of alternative and kawaii fashion.

Pogo Beard Company

We’re a small family owned and operated business. We make artisan crafted beard care products that we ourselves use daily. Established in 2016, we’ve trailblazed our own path through New Jersey and beyond, becoming known as one of the most knowledgeable, friendly and humble of beard care companies.

Procession Magazine

Procession Magazine covers the latest darkwave, goth, industrial and “wave” bands operating in the world today. We’re here to provide you with insightful stories about the topics that interest you the most. Our primary goal is to be an independent and reliable voice for the scene.


Puvithel is a alternative fashion designer based in Pittsburgh, USA who has been making and designing original handmade jewelry, accessories, clothing and handbags for J-fashion and alternative styles since 2015. Puvithel is about unabashed, self-expression and spans many styles, including punk, gothic, lolita, and menhera. However regardless of style, Puvithel’s items are loud,inspired by the in-your-face aesthetic of American gothic fashion. Expression in the form of fashion can help people, and Puvithel tries to express that idea in each item. Every series has its own style and narrative to aid you in telling your own story.


Pyaara creates handcrafted hair flowers and other accessories in dark themes, including skull and raven headdresses, horned flower crowns, mermaid shell crowns, lace tiaras, beaded headdresses, quill hair sticks, spiked headbands, cameo fascinators, and yarn falls. We also make organza tutus and cameo pins in classic goth and sci-fi motifs.

Pyaara Hair Flowers Facebook

Quest Complete Jewelry

Blending modern with magic, Quest Complete Jewelry handcrafts chainmail jewelry and other accessories so that you, the brave adventurer, is always sure to make their quests complete!

Quest Complete Jewelry Facebook



Rad Sam / inkalgorithm

Two indie artists making original art prints, stickers, buttons and commissioned work for the freaks and geeks of the east coast.

Regally Wild

Handmade chokers with spikes, o rings, rhinestones, and other accessories. Cuffs/ bracelets, body harnesses. Everything is made out of a material called biothane, it has a leather like finish and is comfortable for extended wear.

Reliquary Arcanum

Purveyors of handcrafted goods and unique finds

Resin and Ink

If your vibe is Elvira meets Lisa Frank look no further! Resin & Ink sells stickers, prints and unique resin jewelry. A little bit spooky and little bit nerdy and a lot of color can be found at Resin & Ink

Solstice Born Pottery

They build one of a kind, no reproductions or molds, stoneware for OUR people, not the mundane. They do 11th century reverse carving and all steps in the process are hand done, microwave, oven , and dishwasher safe pottery. All works are lead free and cadmium free wares.

Solstice Born Pottery Facebook

Strangled Heart

Mixing horror, gothic, noir, fantasy, cute, and snarky themes to create unique home decor items, as well as pins, patches, and stickers.

Taxidermy Her Bones

Taxidermy Her Bones was established in 2012 by artist Ashley Marie. Her pieces are inspired by the ornate, catacomb saints, mourning jewelry and natural history. All pieces are one of a kind, suitable for all and affordable.

Taxidermy Her Bones Instagram

Taylor Mathues

Taylor Mathues is an artist whose work explores inner struggles with darkness, anxiety, and the unknown. She is heavily influenced by artists such as Francesca Woodman, Marianna Rothen, and David Lynch. Her work has been on display in multiple group exhibitions across the US and Europe.

Team Manticore

Creating the frightening, adorable and unique

The Art of Byron Winter

The Art of Byron Winton

Fantasy and horror illustrator selling prints, collector cards, enamel pins, stickers and original art. His art has been used on albums for Tragic Impulse and Red Lokust.

The October Afterglow

HANDMADE HOME GOODS IF MOTHER NATURE & THE BLAIR WITCH WERE TO PROCREATE . A natural progression of handmade BoHo witchy aesthetic that brings outdoor elements to be displayed and enjoyed as masterfully crafted and foraged home decor.

The Rogue Cherry

Goth & punk inspired goods. Clothing, accessories and housewares for lovers of all things dark!

Tiny Neenja

Tiny Neenja is a horror artist and creative twitch streamer who puts her own creepy spin on characters from video games, movies, and tv, and makes them into high quality prints, stickers, and buttons for everyone to enjoy!

Tiny Pink Designs

Tiny Pink Designs features the creepy and cute art of Amanda Berger. A ceramics based artist, Amanda brings the feeling of eternal halloween to everyday homewear.

Unclaimed Treasures

Unclaimed Treasures

Unclaimed Treasures is a unique collection of wearable art and decor, specializing in resin-sealed bone jewelry, electroformed jewelry, and preserved oddities and specimens. Owner and designer, Shannon M., loves up-cycling and using found, natural materials. Every piece is handcrafted with love, intention, and just a dash of crazy.

Unclaimed Treasures Instagram

Vera Worthington

Vera Worthington is a fine artist and art jewelry maker who specializes in painting with alcohol inks. She paints spooky art and makes gothy jewelry items such as bats, skulls, razor blades, witch hats, etc, all made out of resin coated painted paper. She also paints tiny art pendants and tiny 2×2” art on mini easels depicting spooky scenes and the like.


Artist, creating original oil paintings, drawings, prints, notecards, and small collectables. Favorite themes are Gothic, Victorian, Steampunk and Dark Fantasy. Imagery inspired by nature, animals, symbolism, folklore, archetypal characters and mysterious places.

Wings of Sin

Wings of Sin is a small, handmade clothing company reflecting owner and artist, Melaney Pettini’s lifelong love of nature, witchcraft and folklore. Each piece is created to wrap your body in comfort and magick. Wings of Sin hails from the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont.

Witchy Washy Bath Co.

Witchy Washy Bath Co.

Witchy Washy Bath Co. creates all handcrafted, vegan, and cruelty-free bath products! All products are infused with love and magick. From whipped soaps and scrubs to bath bombs and shower steamers, they have it all!