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Beautiful Freak Cosmetics

Goth skincare and cosmetics for those who live on the dark side. Normal is overrated. Hand made, small batch. Made in NYC, by goths, for everyone.


Coquina Arts Stained Glass

We are a collaboration of stained glass and paintings on glass specializing in spiritual and abstract images as well as custom items.

Coquina Arts Facebook


Honey Cat Jewelry
Handmade iridescent glass stone jewelry with Victorian, New Age, and Gothic themes.
Honey Cat Jewelry’s Esty Shop

Midnight Enchantment: Potions & Portents

Your friendly neighborhood Oracle & purveyor of dark witchy goodness.

Enchantment Shoppe

Olde Thyme Witch LLC

Holistic and homeopathic delights as well as precious stone jewelry and other wares to bring magick into your life as simply as possible.


Original Sins Leather

ORIGINAL SINS LEATHER designs and manufactures quality leather products for those with an appetite for the dark and extreme. They are the perfect gift for that special someone you want to start playing with or loved one you want to excite in new ways…

Original Sin Facebook

Restorative Aromatics
Restorative Aromatics specializes in unique handcrafted perfumes, skincare, soaps, shampoo bars, incense, candles, and aromatherapy products. Our products include ingredients which address how an issue affects our customers physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Beautifully bizarre quilted goods.

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Absolems Garden

Shiny Things! You want them, we’ve got them! Shiny things for fingers, necks, wrists, heads and entire bodies! Treat Yourself!

Absolems Garden Facebook

Art by Desi

Art by Desi offers henna and glitter body art to please the freak in everyone. From luscious traditional designs to fandom work, we can make almost all your body art dreams come true. If you’re part of a group, please stop by to ask about our game, Glitter Russian Roulette!

Art by Desi Facebook

A Whimsical Lather

Undeniably one of a kind, unique CBD bath, body and edible goods unearthed and handcrafted from the rural hills of East Tennessee.



Baby Bat Beauty

Baby Bat Beauty is the home of cute and creepy cosmetics at a price that won’t spook your wallet. We offer many products including lipsticks, eye shadows, palettes, bath bombs and glitter!


We are a design and fabrication company, specializing in Fantasy, Cyberpunk, Steampunk and Apocalypse wearable arm cosplay, and dress armour.

Bella’s Tchotchkis

3D printed and laser cut jewelry and accessories. From nerdy to spooky, we got you covered. Owned by burlesque performer Bella La Blanc. Bella’s Tchotchkis is also the original maker of the 3D printed pastie.

Blonde Swan Hats

By reinventing the art of hat-making, The Blonde Swan creates quality headwear that will last. Each of works of wearable art are “made from scratch” from premium leather in our Ohio studio, and we guarantee that your hat will turn heads!

Blonde Swan Hats Esty

Bound in Iron

Bound in Iron is a Brooklyn NY based blacksmith shop specializing in hard forged alternative lifestyle toys, fixtures, custom knives, medieval torture devices and Gothic furniture and fixtures.

Black Ankh Designs

Gothic quilts and accessories to make your home as spooky as you!


Black Ankh’s Designs Instagram

Brit Austin Illustration

Brit Austin is an Illustrator and artist living in the DC Metro area. Her art focuses on the mythical, magical, and macabre as well as the Death Positive movement. Her work has been shown in galleries across the US and published in Spectrum Fantastic Art.

Brit Austin Illustration Facebook


Cryptid Siblingz

Cryptid Siblingz is a collection of artists and friends who have come together under the umbrella of the paranormal- featuring wonderfully spooky art, accessories for the modern monster, and parapsychological adoptions, Cryptid Siblingz is by cryptids, for cryptids. (And let’s face it, we’re all a little cryptic at heart!)

Cryptid Siblingz Website

Delia LeFay’s Offerings
Hand crafted original scale and chain-mail designs. Unique line of club and festival wear including tops, belts, body jewelry, gloves and other accessories.
 Delia Le Fay’s Offerings Etsy


Delicious Boutique

Delicious Boutique specializes in edgy men’s and women’s alternativ:e and dark fashions. We feature top quality, innovative apparel and accouterments by some of the most visionary artists of our time. We work exclusively with independent and limited run designers; nothing is mass produced or made in sweatshops.


Diva Dreads


We make hair fall hair adornments (dreadlock) Hair falls, Hair bows by hand

Dragons Fair LLC

Dragons Fair is the place to indulge your love of dragons.

Dragons Fair Facebook

Dr. Pennskin/Filthy Farmgirl NYC

We are a husband and wife business. We make all of our products in the NY/NJ area. Have been producing our products for over 25 years.

Dr. Pennskin Facebook

FilthyFarmgirlNYC Facebook

Eclectic Jewelry

Eclectic Jewelry is a smorgasbord of styles, techniques and materials all used to create a vast array of fun and funky jewelry

Eclectic Jewelry’s Instagram


Ash creates original ink and watercolor drawings, as well as digital work depicting mythology, the weird, the witchy, and more.

Firesighted Instagram

Gemini Crow Hot Sauce

Hand Crafted, Small Batch Hot Sauces & Spicy Condiments catering to the timid taste buds all the way to the ear bleeding heat seekers.

Haus of Syn

 Counter Culture Couture.

Jekyll Hyde Jewelry
Hand-crafted gothic fantasy and steampunk jewelry, accessories, and decor featuring bones, antique skeleton keys, hand-crafted sculptures, and raw and polished gemstones. Many items are one of a kind designs. Custom commissions are available for those looking for the perfect accessory to match their outfit or costume!
Jekyll Hyde Jewelry


K&C Candy 

We create heaven in your hand through the training of traditional European Chocolate Masters and working with only fair- trade Belgian chocolate. Our mouthwatering temptations are crafted with natural ingredients and passion. Enjoy it in person at 417 Springfield Avenue in Summit NJ.


Order online at or call 908-209-4131 to get your sweet treats delivered today! K&C Candy is also honored to be a woman owned, LGTBQ friendly company.

Kiss Designs

We create corsets and garb mainly from vintage, upcycled, antique and salvaged materials. Our creations have been featured in several print publications and museums, most recently our exhibit at the Morris Museum, a Smithsonian affiliate, has been extended an extra month due to its immense popularity.

Kiss Designs Facebook

Le Puppet Regime

I use age old stained glass techniques, modern day themes, and tricky engineering to create these works. My imagery draws off of fairytale, myth, storytelling and dark musings about life and the universe.

Lethal Ware

Leather and Rubber Accessories!


Lethal Ware Esty

Licata Custom Knives

Hand made metal work in a gothic tribal style of unique designs of blades, jewelry, crowns, goblets and unusual items.


Freehand engraved glass for drink and apothecary.

MadEtcha Facebook

Magick & Macabre Co.

Magick & Macabre Co. specializes in spooky bath products, witchcraft and occult supplies, and is the home of Wicked Witch Subscriptions. Follow them @MagickMacabre for updates & new products!

Magick & Macabre Esty Shop

Mani the Uncanny

I am a NYC visionary artist. I paint ordinary women into exotic, self-empowered goddesses. My work focuses on exploring women’s sexual empowerment, and the idea of the divine feminine. Through my strong, sensual ladies I want to show women their own strength and encourage them to love themselves. There is not enough self-love in the world. I have seen first hand how a woman’s self-image can be negatively influenced. My women are not dainty little orchids to be looked at. They are Queens, Warriors, Heroines, and Femme Fatales. Rulers in their element.

MayFaire Moon Corsets & Costumes

If you have a dream that can be realized in silk and steel and satin, we’re here for you. Either off-the-rack or custom-made to your measurements, all of our pieces are handmade– and made to last. Our corsets can be simple and sleek, or feature 3D-printed or laser-cut elements that light up. We also do cosplay, gowns, and– of course!– wholly unique bridal attire. Come dream with us

Michael Shaffer Streetwear

Michael Shaffer has run with the bulls, escaped ambush in Central America and has been french kissed by a rat in a German Squat House (yes, it’s all true). His clothing line reflects a lifelong interest in Occult, Horror, and Esoteric pursuits of all manner. All garments are hand printed in short production runs.


Miss Candyholic

Miss Candyholic specializes in kawaii handmade clothing, accessories, and custom made commissions sold world wide! All of her items are inspired by kawaii Japanese street fashion and magical girls.


Mockingbird Lane Artistries

Mockingbird Lane Artistries has a variety of spooky, classy, and eclectic jewelry, as well as stained glass coffin boxes, and original cemetery and horror theme photography. Pendants are created with gemstones, bone, and metal; using a stained glass technique with lead free solder over copper and some sterling silver.


Mockingbird Lane Artistries Facebook

Nightmare Antiquity

Nightmare Antiquity’s are handmade sculptures, toys & collectibles business . My biggest inspirations are H.P lovecraft & Edgar Allen Poe.

Nightmare_Antiquity Facebook

Night of the Legging Dead

Night of the Legging Dead specializes in creepy, comfy soft pants.

Old Bones Designs 

Unique Jewelry and Oddities for Uniquely Odd People! Handcrafted jewelry, vintage & antique oddities , gothic home decor, Halloween decor.

Old Bone Designs Esty Shop

Orchid And Serpent Stores

Orchid and Serpent sells a variety of BDSM toys, unique hand crafted electroplay gear, dresses size small to 5X, handmade leather hats, accessories made of seat belts, tails, collars & cuffs (steel, vegan, and leather), gas masks, floggers, paddles, and crops.

Palm Readings By Shannon

Very accurate palm readings from a friendly and gregarious person. 95% accuracy rating per client survey.

Palm Readings by Shannon Facebook



Pandara Polaris


Pandara Polaris specializes in beautiful butterfly jewelry and accessories, animal themed flower crowns, bone and teeth jewelry, and custom adorned skin matched elf and mermaid ears


Pandara Polaris Esty Shop



Pendragon Costumes


For over a quarter century Pendragon Costumes has provided fine hand crafted costuming and clothing to the Ren Faire, Con, and Steampunk communities with original, historically inspired, designs for both men & women.

Petunia Rocks!

Petunia Rocks! elicits a strong emotional response from those with a devilishly fashionable spirit and a flair for the unique.



Puvithel is a alternative fashion designer based in Pittsburgh, USA who has been making and designing original handmade jewelry, accessories, clothing and handbags for J-fashion and alternative styles since 2015. Puvithel is about unabashed, self-expression and spans many styles, including punk, gothic, lolita, and menhera. However regardless of style, Puvithel’s items are loud,inspired by the in-your-face aesthetic of American gothic fashion. Expression in the form of fashion can help people, and Puvithel tries to express that idea in each item. Every series has its own style and narrative to aid you in telling your own story.

Quest Complete Jewelry

Blending modern with magic, Quest Complete Jewelry handcrafts chainmail jewelry and other accessories so that you, the brave adventurer, is always sure to make their quests complete!

Quest Complete Jewelry Facebook



Rad Sam / inkalgorithm

Two indie artists making original art prints, stickers, buttons and commissioned work for the freaks and geeks of the east coast.

Reliquary Arcanum

Purveyors of handcrafted goods and unique finds

Requiem Oddities

Requiem is home to an array of the strange and unusual, including taxidermy, animal skulls, jewelry made from bones and teeth, and paranormal home furnishings.

Rock N Horror

Rock n Roll, horror and occult inspired apparel.

Sibyl Vain Clothing

Conjured in the shadows of NYC

Developed in small batches

Handcrafted curios to keep the monsters in your closet fashionable

Solstice Born Pottery

They build one of a kind, no reproductions or molds, stoneware for OUR people, not the mundane. They do 11th century reverse carving and all steps in the process are hand done, microwave, oven , and dishwasher safe pottery. All works are lead free and cadmium free wares.

Solstice Born Pottery Facebook

Spectra Art

Spectras exploration in acrylics and aerosols often dive into deep divine feminine energy. Often with mischievous undertones, her art explores sensuality through color theory and psyfi-fantasy elements.

Tarot of Curiosities

The Tarot of Curiosities is a handmade deck of tarot cards with a dark, antique, cabinet of curiosities feel. The deck was created with cut paper collage and photography as an alternative take on the traditional imagery and symbolism of the cards

Taxidermy Her Bones

Taxidermy Her Bones was established in 2012 by artist Ashley Marie. Her pieces are inspired by the ornate, catacomb saints, mourning jewelry and natural history. All pieces are one of a kind, suitable for all and affordable.

Taxidermy Her Bones Instagram

Team Manticore

Creating the frightening, adorable and unique

The Art of Jen Lightfoot

Jen Lightfoot’s macabre mixed media artworks are heavily influenced by pinup art and horror films. Her surreal paintings juxtapose elements of the erotic and the grotesque in a nightmare-ish embrace. She will be selling her original art, as well as merchandise featuring her art including books, pins, jewelry, and prints.

The Art of Byron Winton

Byron is a freelance fantasy and horror illustrator who has worked for various clients including Fright Rags, The Living Dead Museum , and the bands Red Lokust and Tragic Impulse.

The Graveyard Gallery

We are a special effects / mask company specializing in custom masks

The Graveyard Gallery Etsy

The Rogue Cherry

Goth & punk inspired goods. Clothing, accessories and housewares for lovers of all things dark!

The Satanic Temple NYC

The Satanic Temple’s mission is to encourage benevolence and empathy among all people, reject tyrannical authority, advocate practical common sense and justice, and be directed by the human conscience to undertake noble pursuits guided by the individual will.

The Satantic Temple Website


Un-Re Designs

Un-Re Designs creates accessories and plus size apparel for fans of alternative and kawaii fashion.


Artist, creating original oil paintings, drawings, prints, notecards, and small collectables. Favorite themes are Gothic, Victorian, Steampunk and Dark Fantasy. Imagery inspired by nature, animals, symbolism, folklore, archetypal characters and mysterious places.

Wings of Sin

Wings of Sin is a small, handmade clothing company reflecting owner and artist, Melaney Pettini’s lifelong love of nature, witchcraft and folklore. Each piece is created to wrap your body in comfort and magick. Wings of Sin hails from the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont.