Located at the lovely Sheraton Hotel in Parsippany, NJ.
About 60 minutes from NYC!

What are the Con Hours?

Friday: 5pm – 2am
Saturday: 12pm – 2am
Sunday: 12pm – 8pm

Age Limit?

All ages are welcome! With that said, during the night there will be club events and ‘mature’ panels regarding alternative lifestyles and fetishes that are not suitable for children.
Children under 3 years of age do not need a ticket.


The views and opinions of vendors, performers, presenters, and guests of the event do not necessarily reflect those of VampireFreaks and their employees.

What’s your return policy?

Tickets are non-refundable.  
Vendor fees are non-refundable.

Can I transfer my tickets to somebody else?

You may transfer tickets to anybody else by simply sending them your ticket barcode / ticket email.