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It’s Black Friday

The reigning Goth Youtube queen, It’s Black Friday entertains us with new Youtube videos 3 times a week. She has over 600k followers and over 60 million views, It’s Black Friday is an internet sensation. We’re pleased to have her coming all the way from Germany to be a special guest at Dark Side Of The Con. She will be hosting a panel on “How to be a Successful Youtuber” as well as participating in other panels to be announced!
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nj batman

New Jersey’s “Bat-Man”, Joe D’Angeli / The BATCAVE at The Wildlife Conservation Center

For over 20 years, a dark shadow has been educating the people of NJ and the Tri-state area on the importance of nature’s most maligned and misunderstood mammal, the bat. And now, NJ’s bat-man is bringing his family friendly LIVE bat exhibit for the first time to DSOTC.
Joseph D’Angeli is a State and Federally licensed bat specialist, educator and exhibitor. He and his bats have appeared at THOUSANDS of schools, libraries, zoos and nature centers since 1992. His beautiful bats have also appeared in numerous TV shows and periodicals- including the NY Times, Daily News, Star Ledger, Regis and Kathy Lee, and more recently, History Channel’s ‘Monsterquest’ and the Science Channel’s Oddities shows. Joseph and his bats have just returned from their first ever appearance at NYC’s prestigious American Museum of Natural History.
Mr. D’Angeli’s “Bat-Cave”, The Wildlife Conservation and Education Center is the only facility specializing in, and centering on, bats and bat conservation in the NY/NJ area. The Center has also become a permanent home for unwanted, abandoned, and confiscated exotic animals. Reptiles, small animals, giant tarantulas and many others have found a forever home at the center.
Mr. D’Angeli and his staff have also been involved with raising awareness, as well as funds, for research into finding a cure for White Nose Syndrome, a disease that has been killing off U.S. bats in record numbers since its discovery in 2006.
For more information, please go to www.njbatman.com or www.thebatcave.org or call 201-257-2231.
The Wildlife Conservation and Education Center:
303 Midland Avenue, Garfield NJ 07026.

Team Circus

Team Circus Duo are homegrown NYC circus performers that specialize in partner acrobatics, trapeze, stiltwalking, prop manipulation and flow arts! Their Duo Acrobalance act is the first and only one of it’s kind to win at the notorious Apollo theatre in Harlem. They’ve performed their acrobatic feats in venues across the country , as well as Electric Zoo and Electric Daisy Carnival, and featured onstage with Steve Aoki, Excision, Calvin Harris and more!

ashley bad

Ashley Bad

Ashley Bad: New York City’s BAD Girl of Rubberlesque! is an International Fetish Performer, Spokesmodel for high-fashion couture latex brand Kirsten Li Designs, latex crafter, cosplayer, musician and music video vixen. You’ve seen her on stage with The Voluptuous Horror Of Karen Black, The Girls of Karen Black, and Justin Symbol! She’s also made appearances with her avant-guarde fetish shows at Paul Booth’s Last Rites Gallery, as well as gracing the main stage of SMack! in NYC, Bondage Ball Pittsburgh, Endless Night Vampire Ball Tampa, New Orleans, and Cirque Du Boudoir Montreal, QC, and of course Dark Side of the Con!
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Minnie d’Moocha

Minnie d’Moocha is an international burlesque performer, vocalist, actress, trick shot (archery), award winning cosplayer, heavily published pinup model, gamer, LARPer, avid comic book reader, costumer, and the mother of the world’s most spoilt Yorkshire terrier.  If it is shiny or fluffy, she is pretty much obsessed with it.  She has produced NYC shows such as Take Back the 80’s burlesque, After Hours Burlesque, Rockabilly Burlesque, Hell’s Belles Burlesque, the Rockabilly Roadshow (which was featured in the New Yorker [magazine]), and currently produces Glow burlesque-a blacklight burlesque show in Newark, NJ now in its 5th year!  She has performed at Con’s, Festivals and Nerdlesque shows all over the country, including the Nerdaplooza music festival, the Rats Nest Run In, Katsucon, GenCon, the International Nerdlesque Festival and Viva East!  You can find out more about her at https://www.facebook.com/minniedmoocha or on instagram at minniedmoocha !

Le Grand Chaton

Le Grand Chaton means “The Big Kitten in French. When she isn’t enjoying a glass of red wine or a purrrfectly excellent cat nap LGC loves performing and getting crazy on stage. You can find her on stages all across New York and New Jersey performing anything nerdy, vintage, classic, dark, or dirty. Me-OOWWWW!

Petite Renard

Known as the “littlest fox in Brooklyn”, Petite Renard is a NYC based burlesque performer and model, with a flair for the silly and dramatic. Petite is co-producer of New York’s nerdy Metropolis Burlesque. She is an avid traveler and has performed in freezing locales like Alaska, Montreal, and Iceland.


Sincerely Yours

Sincerely Yours is the love letter of burlesque, and yours truly! Cruising and performing throughout the tri-state area since 2010, breaking hearts along the way. Sincerely is not only a vintage burlesque sweetheart, she also sings and plays jazz bassoon, and produces regularly at Coney Island and throughout New York City.
Sincerely is not shy to the New Jersey scene. She has performed numerous times at such hot spots such as Roxy ‘n Dukes, Hell’s Kitchen Lounge, and QXT’s!

Rose Martel
Originally from the Bronx, New York, Rose is a Nashville based burlesque performer with a love of classic bump and grind paired with a bit of the weird stuff. She is also a lover of creating sparkly costumes and creates most of her own pieces.

A proud grinduate of Nashville’s burlesque school Delinquent Debutantes, Rose has had the amazing privilege of being taught the art of the striptease by Shan De Leers, GiGI La Femme and Delinquent Debutantes headmistress Freya West.

Since her grinduation, Rose has been sharing her classically weird acts all around Music City with various productions including, Delinquent Debutantes, Merry Widow Creations, the Brewlesque Show, Wassabassco and others!

Holly Ween

Holly Ween is Burlesque’s Scream Queen, bringing horror and camp to the world of burlesque. Holly has been performing since 2008 and is known for her elaborate costumes and off- the-wall acts. 

Holly created Cosplay Burlesque in 2008 as a way to get started in the burlesque scene. She performs with Cosplay Burlesque, White Elephant Burlesque Society, and anywhere else that’ll have her.

Cherry Valentine

Known as the rockabilly sweetheart of New Jersey burlesque, Cherry Valentine is a regular performer within the NJ/NYC burlesque community as well as a main member of the nerdlesque troupe Cosplay Burlesque. Although she is known for her bright performances, is ready to show her darker side at this year’s Dark Side of the Con.


Esmerelda May

Esmerelda May hails from NJ. She’s a member of White Elephant Burlesque and the choreographer for Cosplay Burlesque. She’s also a member of the Noir Dames and Sister Bear (an all plus size burlesque troupe). An award winning cosplayer and the Silver Tusk award winner for the Best Sleaze of the Tease, she blends classic burlesque with a metal twist.

“Dirty, Nerdy, and Latin Spice”


Attica Wilde

Being born in the deepest, darkest regions of the great New Jersey, Attica Wilde led a rather unexciting existence for the greater part of her life. Knowing there was more to be had in this expansive world, Miss Wilde was constantly reaching for the stars. Like the mythical Pheonix, Attica was to be reborn in a firestorm of glitter and rhinestones through the art of Burlesque dancing.

Attica is completely self taught; learning the art through the rigorous studies of greats such as Dita Von Teese, Michelle L’amour, Angie Pontani, and of course Veronica Varlow, some trial and error, and hours of practice behind closed doors. Not content with simply imitating others, as “Imitation is suicide,” Miss Wilde could not help but to add her own charming personality to all of her performances. Attica has now come into her own as a confident entertainer, despite her small start. She has performed all over New Jersey, New York, and occasionally ventures as far as Baltimore. Even though she came so far in so little time, Attica can still remember the encouraging words Veronica Varlow spoke to her on a wintery night in New Jersey and, is eternally grateful for them.

Attica finds herself more at home between the pages of the F. Scott Fitzgerald Classic, The Great Gatsby, than the in humdrum of modern day and, as a result, draws her aesthetics from the glamor of the 1920s. However, she is not a girl afraid to get her hands, hair, dress, or shoes dirty, and often draws influence for her acts from the classic horror movies which she adores. Do not fret, Attica is a woman who prides herself on her boundless class and style and, would only use gallons of glitter blood if she felt the act was tasteful.

She is also a professor and founder of the Garden State Burlesque Academy, specializing in teaching stage craft and helping to build confidence. She is also the Co-Producer of The New Jersey Burlesque Festival.


Lilly Marz

Lilly Marz is a retro lovin’ gal who loves keeping the stage purrfectly neat & tidy! She’s been the resident stage kitten for Glow Burlesque for over 5 years and has assisted regularly on other shows such as Rockabilly Burlesque, ‘80s Burlesque, and the Rock ‘N’ Roll Roadshow as well as guest spots on XXXO Love Letters from Sincerely Yours, the Wiggle Room and Debauchery. With a background in fashion and wardrobe styling, she is always dressed for the occasion from head to claws. When she’s not slinking around a stage she can be found producing the NY Pin Up Club’s Little Tease show and retro themed photo shoots ~ since 2007!


Chloe D’Cay
You may know her as Chloe Alexis, Event Coordinator here at Dark Side of the Con, but for one night and for her very first time ever on the burlesque stage, she’ll transform into her alter-ego Chloe D’Cay, A magenta dark fairy tale dream girl!
Inspired by her late great aunt Liliana Cornelia, a burlesque and cabaret performer in Germany in the 50’s. Chloe’s burlesque style mixes traditional burlesque with alternative, goth and fetish themes.
When shes not planning conventions, Chloe is a professional photographer and full time weird mom to the cutest little baby bat you’ve ever seen.