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Karnevil   WWW

Amazing Circus Sideshow Acts!  Blockheads! Whips! Knives!  Beds of nails!  It’s a glass-hattering, brain-twisting, traumatically glorious carnival, and you are most cordially invited to step inside and have your mind blown.

ashley bad

Ashley Bad   WWW

Fetish Performance.  Because when she was bad, she was very, very bad indeed.

lydia vengeance

Lydia Vengeance  

Burlesque Performance.  See this bloody, mischievous, horror-soaked queen of the Art of Burlesque as she performs for your amusement, amazement, and delight.  Watch as she single-handedly makes New Jersey into an exciting place – that’s no small feat!

Dolly Momoiro | | |

​Burlesque Performance. Dolly Momoiro Is a J fashionista, Performer, Model, song writer, designer and Background actor, Located In Canada, Ontario Toronto. This Living dead Doll Showcases Her Passions in her performances With Gothic Metal, industrial Metal, Visual Kei, or Simply Jpop, while keeping it her own style. Fire Fan dancing and belly dancing are some of her specialties.

Holly Sinner

Burlesque Performance. So far, this little ball of darkness has three goals she would like to achieve: raise some hell, corrupt a few innocent angels into sinners, and to not die a stupid death that will send that pretty ass of hers back home to hell before her time. Only time will tell if she accomplishes her goals.

Jakal Blackwell

Fire Performer. Jakal promises not to light you on fire.  Jakal promises not to burn down everything you know and love.  Jakal promises not to fill his mouth with flaming kerosene and kiss your fiance.

Jakal has been known to lie.

kali va

Kali Va  

Fire Performer.

Brigid, Fire of the forge,
Fire in the head, Fire of creativity.
Brigid, gold-red woman, bright Goddess.
Guide me through the Fires of transformation,
Grant me fortitude and courage,
To endure the pain of change, that I may triumph.
Fire shall temper my soul,
A burnished metal sword,
Of truth.

~Pagan ritual

V. Nigel Taylor |

V. Nigel Taylor is one of the foremost Snape impersonators in the US. He has appeared at several conventions nationwide presenting his “Defense Against the Dark Arts” panel on Anti-bullying and consent.


The Chemical Crew

We’re a group who consist of dancers, performers, cosplayers, and models. We specialize in a variety of events such as conventions (comics, anime, horror, fetish and alternative), EDM parties, alternative events, and interactive/art performances.