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Action, Fear, Gore & Survival: On the Edge of the Scariest Video Games
Come meet young Vir Van Gahn, an avid gamer, twitch streamer and high-school student who is no stranger to The Dark Side. Join him for a conversation on the ever-evolving nature of video games gruesome, bone chilling and well… fun. Let’s talk about the ins and outs of tantalizing titles such as SCP Unity, Phasmophobia, Resident Evil, FNAF and many more. So feel free to saunter over to our room and join in on the group discussion about your frightful favorites, the future of this great genre of games, and what it means for Generation Z and beyond.
Speaker: Vir Van Gahn

Bad Guys Doing Good: The 501st Legion
The 501st Legion is an all-volunteer organization formed for the express purpose of bringing together costume enthusiasts from around the world under a collective identity within which to operate. The Legion seeks to promote interest in Star Wars through the building and wearing of quality costumes, to facilitate the use of these costumes for Star Wars-related events, and to contribute to the local community through costumed charity and volunteer work. Giving back to the community is one of the 501st Legion’s highest priorities. We regularly participate in events to raise awareness of charitable causes, from walk-a-thons to blood drives.
Speakers: The 501st Legion

Building your Gothic Brand™ …or, everything you wanted to know about promoting but were afraid to ask….
You’ve got a what now!?! A new band? A cool club night? A spooky project you are trying to get off the ground? If you do, then you need to build a brand within the scene. Come join us for a wonderful panel discussion centered on how to promote your special project to DJs, promoters. press, distributors, and other content creators. Whether you are just starting out, an established artist looking to expand, or are curious about how and where to start something that all the “gothics” will adore, there is sure to be something on this panel for you. Moderated by Chris Canter of Procession Magazine
Speakers: Chris Canter of Procession Magazine; DJ Johnny Panic of Vanguard, Washington, DC; Athan Maroulis of NOIR, Spahn Ranch and Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Donna Lynch of Ego Likeness and Steven Archer of Ego Likeness, Stoneburner

Ceramic Skull Painting Workshop
Paint and decorate your own ceramic skull to take home! We provide paints, markers, jewels, feathers and other supplies.
Paint and decorate your own ceramic skull to take home! We provide paints, markers, jewels, feathers and other supplies.
*This event requires a separate ticket. The $10 Ceramic Skull Painting Workshop add-on can be purchased at checkout (see Tickets tab). Tickets are limited and may not be available at the door. However, we may admit additional people to the workshop day-of if there are any no-shows.*
Presented by Teresa DeFabrizio

Cosplay and Gender Expression
An open discussion on the inclusivity and free expression through the art of cosplay. Cosplay is not only meant to be an artform of raw creativity and passion emboldening our favorite characters, but also as an unbridled form of expression for our own gender identity. While many of us cosplay to express and affirm our own gender identity, some of us cosplay to explore the gender spectrum which emphasizes the core aspects of what cosplay is meant to be.
Speakers: Kyla Lynch (KylaKarnage), Katie Lynch (WhiteRabbitCosplays)

Cosplay Joins the Darkside: We Have Cookies!
Move over Sailor Moon, cosplay has joined the dark side. Whether you are new to cosplay or a life long fan, join me while I demonstrate how the familiar world of cosplay has embraced the macabre, spooky, and after-hours kooky. Discover how Gothic subculture and media can inspire your next cosplay, group, or even competition worthy costume. Vinyl and lace is not mandatory, but always encouraged 😉
Speaker: Katie Lynch of White Rabbit Cosplays

Chair Yoga for the Freak in You
Meet your instructor better known as Majic – personal trainer, aerobic instructor, exotic entertainer, and professional dancer. Majic will be your exotic chair yoga/fitness instructor. So, let’s get ready to welcome back your healthier movement, body healing, strength, and joint mobility, regardless of your age and fitness level. Many believe you need a gym membership or fancy equipment to stay active and healthy; that’s far from the truth! But it is true that aging and inactivity cause a decline in wellbeing. Majic invites you to get in front of that process and just grab a chair. Trust him to give you a foundation of fun with his freak-fitness gym-less body movements for everyday practice. Come as you are – fully clothed or otherwise!
Presenter: Majic Johnson

Dark Crystals and Their Superpowers
Spiritual Elevation, Self-mastery, Healing, Protection, Grounding and Focus; journey to the center of the Earth with us and access the superpowers of these dark stones: Tourmaline, Onyx, Obsidian, Opal & more. Come feel the beauty and mystical properties of these semiprecious stones as you get to know and touch them.
Speakers: Linda Marciniak, Aradia Arcanum, Jennifer Albert Finer & ImmortalBlue

Dark Side Awakens – Morning Yoga (Hangover Relief)
You made it to the last day of the con! Start it off right with some conscious breathing & stretches. After the session you’ll feel rejuvenated, clear headed and ready to rage the day away. Dress to stretch and impress.
Presented by: Valerie Abbey of Abbey Death

Dark Side Costume Contest
Grab your poison apples and polish your armor. It’s time to strut your stuff in your ghoulishly delightful cosplay! Winnings over $1,000 in prizes from our vendors plus tickets to our next convention. Spectators are encouraged to come view the best of the best costumes at Dark Side!
Judged by Amber O’Boyle, Katie Lynch (White Rabbit Cosplays), Jet and guests

Dark Storytelling
Every good movie, TV show, videogame, comic book…from the occult classics of Stoker, Polidori, LeFanu and Shelly all the way to the modern works of James O’Barr, Neil Gaiman, Anne Rice, and Poppy Z. Brite…all have one thing in common more often than not: a tantalizing story. What does it take to follow in their shadowy footsteps? It’s…not as hard as you might think, and we’ll be exploring raw initiatives to storytelling during this panel presentation. Whether it’s any kind of poetry or full-on straight prose you’ve been curious about, if you’ve ever wanted to literally set quill pen to parchment or have your fingers dance across a computer keyboard to the tune of a vivid imagination that gives birth to compelling varieties of modern-day or revisited fiends fearsome and otherwise, this presentation is for you!
Speaker: John Bardy

Early Horror Cinema is Gothic Cinema
In this 50 minute, narrated PowerPoint presentation, Doktor John will trace the history of early 20th Century horror cinema, highlighting its cross-fertilization with Goth culture. Come discover the Cinematic Heritage of Goth Culture!
Speakers: Doktor John

Electronic Saviors: Killing Cancer Cells at 150 BPM
Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music to Cure Cancer is a project created by scene promoter, DJ, and musician Jim Semonik in which he partners with other artists to produce compilations of new and exclusive music. The sales are used to raise funds for cancer research. At this panel, join Jim along with other ES artists while they discuss the upcoming and current projects from Electronic Saviors such as Draven’s Mixtape, Respect the Prime and the origins of the project.
Speakers: Jim Semonik (ES Creator/Red Lokust), Jason Wolf (Cyberstrukture / Distortion), Eric Eldredge (Interface), James Francis (Panic Lift), Rexx Arkana (FGFC820) & Paul Graham (Tragic Impulse)

Emergency Costume Hacks and Solutions
Come learn about solutions and hacks that can be implemented when you are already at the Con and something goes wrong with your costume. Don’t panic! Amber O’Boyle will show you how to fix tears, breaks, and clothes that just won’t stay put when you can’t get to the craft store and have to use whatever you can find onsite.
Speaker: Amber O’Boyle

Exploratorium (18+)
Join Mistress Crimson for a fun and naughty show and tell, as she unveils her legendary Toy Chest! Come explore different types of equipment, different techniques and styles. From the basic paddle, to clips, clamps, canes and so much else in between. There will be plenty of things to see and try. Bring a friend or come alone for Demonstrations and Q&A. Mistress Crimson is a patron of S&M arts, an event coordinator, a featured guest on the Howard Stern Show, and better known in the BDSM community for being the former headmistress of one of NYC most esteemed dungeons.
Presented by Mistress Crimson

Exquisite Corpse Writing Workshop
In the summer of 1816, Lord Byron invited Percy Bysshe Shelley, his fiancee Mary, Mary’s stepsister Claire Clairmont, and Byron’s friend John Polidori to the Villa Diodati in Switzerland. By the haunting night’s end, they not only devised Exquisite Corpse, but Mary Shelley found the inspiration to write “Frankenstein”, and Polidori crafted “The Vampyre”. In this writing exercise each collaborator adds to a composition in sequence by being allowed to see only the end of what the previous person contributed. Tonight, we invite your creative souls to join us and try your hand at Exquisite Corpse to see what kind of macabre storytelling results from this unique Workshop experience!
Speakers: João-Pierre S. Ruth, John Bardy, Herr Wulfsünus & Immortal Blue

Fetish 301
For the 3rd year in a row, Xris SMack! and a group of fetish performers, Dominatrixes, Fetish designers, event producers and more discuss all aspects of the fetish lifestyle from the public to the private.
Speakers: Xris SMack!, Isabella Sinclaire (Dominatrix, Educator, Demask DtLA Owner, Fetish Video Star, Pleasure Seeker), and more to be announced

Fight Your Creative Demons with a Daily Art Project
Are you stuck in a creative rut? Are you tired of staring at a blank page, unsure of where to begin? Daily art projects are a great way to zap your creativity back to life. Multimedia & multidisciplinary artist Rupa DasGupta started her An Octopus A Day ( daily art project in 2010 and has drawn & painted over a thousand cephalopods since. Join this workshop to get inspired and reanimate your inner artist! All ages and all skill levels welcome.
Speaker: Rupa DasGupta

Ghouls, Grave Robbers, and Resurrection Men
In the nineteenth century, the study of medicine was growing at a rapid pace. But, doctors couldn’t learn from text alone, they needed hands on experience, they needed raw materials, they needed corpses. Enter the body snatchers or “Resurrection Men” as they were often called, if you needed a body, they could get you one as long as you had the money and promised not to ask too many questions where it came from. This presentation, hosted by Dr. J.R. Whitcomb and Gypsy of Karnevil, will educate you on the ins and outs of this ghoulish profession.
Speakers: Karnevil

Glitch in the Matrix
Are we living in the Matrix? Is the universe just one big simulation? What if everything we thought we knew was nothing more than a virtual reality? Ponder the answers to these questions and more with this extra-dimensional multimedia presentation that promises to unveil the true nature of the world and what that might mean for everyone in it. Join artist, event organizer, and livestreamer Doug Rizio on his transcendental tour of the realms beyond the material plane – from science and technology, to religion and philosophy, and even the psychedelic experience; learn why the Matrix may be more than just a movie! Will you take the red pill, or become one with the grand program?
Speaker: Doug Rizio

Goth Clothing & Arcane Item Swap
Sometimes we outgrow a piece of clothing, an accessory, a pair of shoes, or a gothy item before they are at the end of their life. Whether we have changed in body or spirit it can be time to let things go. Goth clothing, accessories and cool arcane items are often very pricey and can be an acquired taste, so why not allow your stuff to find a new loving home? Join Iron Garden for our Goth Clothing & Arcane Item Swap at DSC. We will also have a table where you can place & share your business cards.
How The Swap works:
. Go through your closets and find all the gently worn clothing, shoes, accessories & items that you wish to part with.
. Ensure all items are properly washed & cleaned.
. Bring your items to the swap. Donations Welcome.
. Have a look at what others have brought and pick out the things you like. Bring one get one.
. Give everyone a fair chance to get at least one new item before you claim too many.
. Meet people, talk, have a good time.
Presented by Iron Garden Citizens: Louisa Ashe, Dolores & Shadowborne

Gothic Horror Movie Makers (13+)
Gothic Horror Movies tantalize us with fear through dark surreal imagery and spectacle. Come meet award winning screenwriters, producers, directors and actors who understand and create Gothic Horror. Discover how to develop supernatural and nightmarish elements and new camera tricks that challenge audiences’ perceptions. Join us to learn how Gothic Horror has influenced the work of top independent horror filmmakers in the industry.
Speakers: Jennifer Valdes, Dexter Williams, George Firewalker Carlson, Thomas Ryan & KJ Hopkins

Goths of Color: Exploring Race in the Alternative Scene
In a subculture that tends to uplift paleness as its prototypical beauty standard, what is it like to be a person of color? On one side, you might encounter prejudice and erasure within the goth scene. On the other side, you may face disapproval and misunderstanding from your family and community. Join us for an open dialogue as the panelists discuss their experiences, both good and bad, and how race intersects with alternative subcultures.
Speakers: Luna Minuit, Jabbar Martin, Niara Noctyrna, Joao-Pierre, Alottadentata

History of Canes (21+)
Join Mistress Crimson former headmistress of one of New York’s most highly esteemed dungeons, in the discussion of canes and their role in history. Different types of canes will be presented, techniques will be demonstrated, plus we will cover how to best care for our precious canes. There will be a demonstration which will highlight safety, techniques, and the extremely important warm-ups. At the end you’ll have time for a Q&A and also to practice and be critiqued. Audience participation is encouraged but not necessary.
Presented by Mistress Crimson

Hosting LGBTQ+ Gothic Events
Xtine Santackas gets YOU inspired to be the best host you can be, and teaches how to host small, large scale, and events that cater to the LGBTQ+ Community in the Goth Scene. She gives you practical tips that anyone can use to present their best selves to their audience and help keep the fun going. She explains how to lean into your strengths and how to present yourself and your goth, industrial, fetish, or LGBTQ+ event with confidence. Get ready to have some fun; and be the best host you can be! Xtine has been hosting scene events for over a decade. She hosts HEROES, Dark Meet & Manray (MA); is the Hotess/Coordinator of the GothCruise; she has guest-hosted at DNA Lounge (CA)with Death Guild, and SMACK, NYC’s longest running fetish party.
Speaker: Xtine Santackas

How to Put Spikes on Anything
You can put an edgy, alternative twist on almost any piece of clothing, accessory, or other item just by adding a few spikes. Amber O’Boyle of Kiss Designs will walk you through how to engineer spikes onto all sorts of new and upcycled items and not have them fall out or sag at weird angles.
Speaker: Amber O’Boyle

Iron Garden Special Gathering
The Iron Garden is a New Jersey based not-for-profit organization providing a safe haven for the New Jersey Nightkind Community. This special 2-hour gathering will focus on What is fear – Why do we secretly crave the thrill of fear? What is to be gained from thrusting ourselves into a fearful situation? Is it about danger or conquest? Explore the fear barrier, and if all true growth lays on the far side of fear. What are you afraid of: Vampires? Were-beasts? Hybrid creatures of the Night? Parallel Dimensions? Your inner self or just fear itself?
Come discover what is on the other side with Speakers, Ritual, Art, Psychic Healing plus a Pagan Merchant & a Book Signing.
Presenters: Madame X, ImmortalBlue, Lady Talon, Lady D, Kaí Henderson, with Herr Wulfsünus & Lord Jabbar

The Life and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe
Edgar Allan Poe–drunk, drug-addled madman, maniac … or was he? Much of what we know today about the Master of the Macabre is based in misinformation and falsehood. Poe’s literary legacy and reputation was hijacked by his greatest nemesis, Rufus Wilmot Griswold. Griswold laid the foundation for many of the popular impressions of Poe and those legends linger to this day. Although Edgar Allan Poe’s life was riddled with tragedy, his contribution to literature is immense and often overlooked. This presentation will refute the common myths about the life of Edgar Allan Poe, and also explore the unsolved mystery of his death.
Speaker: Genevieve Andrews-Kelly

Live Bats Lecture
For over 20 years, a dark shadow has been educating the people of NJ and the tri-state area on the importance of nature’s most maligned and misunderstood mammal, the bat. And now, NJ’s bat-man is bringing his family friendly LIVE bat exhibit back to Dark Side of the Con. Joseph D’Angeli is a State and Federally licensed bat specialist, educator, and exhibitor. His “Bat-Cave,” the Wildlife Conservation and Education Center, is the only facility specializing in, and centering on, bats and bat conservation in the NY/NJ area.
Presented by NJ Bat-man, Joe D’Angeli

Meet the DJs and Promoters!
Come and meet the DJs and promoters of Dark Side! Hear from the experts about the current state of the goth scene and what the latest trends are in goth-industrial music. Learn tips and tricks for how to cultivate the scene in your area and how to build a great party. This is the place to ask all your burning questions about what keeps the goth-industrial scene alive and kicking, and how we can improve it for everyone!
Speakers: DJ Kangal, Xris SMack!, Mighty Mike Saga, + guests

Mental Health for Goths
Lets sit together and connect. Dealing with mental health is hard, but you’re not alone. Struggles with life and mental health are human and universal, but especially prevalent in the goth scene. Alternative culture tends to have reason or cost, and is often attractive to us because it heals something in us and helps us find community. Panelists will guide you through a relaxing time where we speak openly about some healthy coping mechanisms, finding your support system, when and how to get help, coming to terms with your struggles and more. Meet our panel of Health & Life Coaches, Counselors and Mentors who are no strangers to depression, anxiety and trauma.
Speakers: Alexandra Marrero, Kai Henderson, Linda Marciniak & Zelene Quiles

Modern Day Vampires (18+)
Come meet and chat with our panel of distinguished Modern Day Vampires. They will will share some of their knowledge and experience on what it means to be a modern day vampire. Discover Books, Vampiric Organizations, what is VampireCraft, FangSmiths, Feeding practices, the best Parties, and the different types of individuals that make up The Modern Day Vampire Community.
Speakers: Madame X (House of the Dreaming), Lord Jabbar (House Asotus), Lady Aradia Arcanum (Tribe Lykaios), Sister Dolores (Court of the Iron Garden) & Baron Voltage (Ronin)

Monsters of Bistravia – A Ravenloft-based D&D 5e Adventure (16+)
Adventurers from various regions find themselves trapped in a shadowy realm with no memory of how…or why…they got there. Hoping to find answers, they must make inquiries in a seemingly forsaken land where mindless zombies tend to long dead farm fields, wolf howls travel through a thick and forbidding forest, and a lavish mansion dares to invite outsiders to partake in the hospitality provided by its…unnatural hosts!
John Bardy, your DM, has been running D&D – and White Wolf-based LARPs (and sometimes playing in them) since the 1980s. He currently runs a D&D Twitch stream, running live games set in his homebrew campaign world of Aerysia.
Character submissions must be sent in advance of this two-session adventure, which will begin in the convention’s gaming room. The 7 best-developed characters win a seat at the table. The D&D Beyond app can be used to create whatever characters you wish with the following caveats:
– No Evil-aligned characters. Characters should be 4th level.
– All classes and races from the Players Handbook. Full cosplay and roleplay encouraged! Please include a full background for your characters. They may come from any published realm (Exandria, Faerun, Krynn, Dark Sun, etc).
Takes place Saturday and Sunday.
– Character files should be sent as attachments (PDF preferable), with the subject name “D&D Character Submission for DSC4”. Send to:
Hosted by: John Bardy

Music Production presented by Mindswerve Recording Studios
Curious about how those songs you love are made? Wondering what the process is like before you get to hear it in the club or on the radio? Find out all about it with special guest musicians in attendance at Dark Side of the Con. Presented by Mindswerve Recording Studios, NYC.
Speakers: Xris SMack! (Mindswerve Recording Studios) and guests

My Evil Garden
If you thought The Day of the Triffids Sci-Fi movie was eerie, find what our happy common household plants really hold in store for us. You may be tempted to pick one up at your local garden center, greenhouse, or be drawn to it out in nature, and drawn to it you are, sometimes with a sinister plot. Remember, flora has been around, surviving, thriving, for hundreds of millions of years before the dawn of man, and they do more than just survive! Learn the truth of your own backyard wicked weeds, and what they are really growing in those nurseries. Come and discuss, meet, and if you dare … touch our dangerous guests.
Speaker: Herr Wulfsünus

Rope Bondage Workshop (18+)
Are you curious about Rope Bondage? Looking for a starting line? Sprout will show you how to work single column and double column ties, and a basic body harness to set you off on your rope explorations so that you can start enjoying rope bondage in a variety of styles and … for a variety of purposes. All participants will be provided with their own 30-ft piece of rope from Agreeable Agony.
*This event requires a separate ticket. The $25 Rope Bondage Workshop add-on can be purchased at checkout (see Tickets tab). Tickets are limited and may not be available at the door.*
Presented by: Sprout

Roses & Thorns: An Introduction to Impact Play (18+)
Floggers, paddles, cat o’ nine tails, and other tools created originally for corporal punishment during less civilized times are fairly commonplace in adult play these days but their use might intimidate newcomers to the scene. Why would someone want to experience the flick of flogger tails? What kind of person picks up a paddle to use on another consenting person? Is this type of play only for someone “thick-skinned” who seems invulnerable? Or is it about exploring vulnerability, curiosity, and possibility?

Impact play can open up emotional and sensory doors that may lead to a transformative journey. Before rushing forward, join an entry-level conversation with impact enthusiast Joao-Pierre about considerations to weigh, questions to ask, and even a few mistakes he learned from when getting started in this scene. Discussion and show-and-tell only.
Speaker: Joao-Pierre S. Ruth

Shadows of the mind: Hypnosis with Baron Voltage (18+)
Many say the nature of those that walk the shadows are those of predators; beasts that stalk the streets seeking their next meal, engrossed by a hunger they can never sate. Others feel they are sleek creatures abandoned by the daylight forever cursed to never know the joy of the pleasures of the mortal mind. Hypnosis, an embrace of the mind some might say, grants us with abilities we have longed for, dreamed of, to bring the kiss of the shadows to the flesh of the mind and turn our imaginations into playgrounds unbridled and unbound, in every plausible nature you can conceive. Come to learn how to embrace that power, and unlock the potential of your mind and inner beast.
Presented by Baron Voltage

Sip & Paint with Steven Archer
Come paint with renowned musician and artist, Steven Archer, from Ego Likeness and Stoneburner! Using easy-to-follow tricks of the trade, Steven will guide you through the process of panting a gothic piece of art, fangtastically fit for Dark Side of the Con! Throughout the class, ask Steven questions about your masterpiece-in-the-making, or anything about the art and music business. Paint, brushes, and a 18×24″ canvas will be provided. This interactive event is BYOB! Feel free to bring your own drinks from the hotel bar to inspire your creepy creation. Please remember to wear something you can afford to get paint on. This 3-hour activity will take place 3pm-6pm Saturday.
*This event requires a separate ticket. The $45 Sip & Paint add-on can be purchased at checkout (see Tickets tab). Tickets are limited and may not be available at the door.*
Presented by Steven Archer

Space Couch Presents: The Gothsicles in Conversation with Red Lokust
Space Couch is the live show dynamo that’s filter sweeping the internet! Now the stellar divan alights on the land and is proud to announce that the very first live audience episode will be recorded at Dark Side of the Con 4! The guy from The Gothsicles conducts weekly live interviews from a couch in space with magnates and luminaries of industrial music, including Attrition, iVardensphere, Angelspit, Iszoloscope, Caustic and many more. Special guest for this episode: Dark Side’s own Red Lokust. Call the spaceships to davenport!
Speakers: Brian (The Gothsicles) and Red Lokust

Spooky Coloring Hour
Take a break from the chaos for some relaxing coloring book time. We’ll be supplying detailed horror, gothic and tattoo themed coloring pages, as well as Crayola crayons for this free activity. Yes, there will be black crayons, but we will have other colors too! 😉 Attendees of all ages welcome.
Presented by Teresa DeFabrizio

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament
Traditional 8 minute 3 stock Stock Tournament hosted by Vir Van Gahn in the Gameroom.
Vir will arrange players into structured brackets where each player engages in individual matches to raise or lower their ranking. Experienced players are preferred but all are welcome! And don’t worry; a losers’ bracket will also be created. Everyone who registers to participate will be entered – Sign-up in the game room an hour prior starting time!
Winner Receives $100 Gift Certificate to Vampire Freaks!
Hosted by: Vir Van Gahn

The Plagues: History & Oddities
For centuries, diseases have shaped and disrupted the lives of humanity.
Join Dr. J.R. and Gypsy of Karnevil, on a dark, terrifying and slightly contagious journey from the Black Death to Zika and everything in between.
(Extra points if you wear your cool plague doctor outfit!)
Speakers: Dr. J.R. Whitcomb & Gypsy of Karnevil

Truth and Honor: An exploration of Dominance and Consent. (18+)
Many feel that they have that internal desire to express strength through words or action, and find themselves wishing to express such. Consent is essential within the BDSM lifestyle as a whole; many misconceptions and misrepresented depictions of Dominance within the lifestyle itself have cast poor light on how it truly is. Dominance expressly requires the dominant to practice consent, respect established boundaries, use safe-words, and to engage in proper physical and emotional aftercare.
The audience will be offered the opportunity to role-play, practice and develop their own sense of authority, control and Dominance. Come learn the Truth & Honor of dominance, its expression, and how you can embrace the strength of Dominance within this wonderful world, and who knows? It may open doors you never knew existed.
Baron Voltage is a NJ Dominant with 20+ years within the lifestyle and is known for his work through hypnotic and vampiric Dominance.
Speaker: Baron Voltage

Unravelments: Haunted House Inspections & Clearings (14+)
Come meet Sandra N. Silva she is a medium, exorcist and healer who specializes in house inspections. Is it possible to have the ability to tap into the energy and history of a house by simply looking at photographs of it? Come discover how the storyline of the space unfolds, and how this energy can be gathered and understood much like looking through photos and reading a book. Sandra will share some of her more unusual stories and photos, and invites you to likewise bring photographs for her examination.
Speaker: Sandra N. Silva

Victorian Parlour Games
How did the Victorians entertain their party guests after high tea? Come to this interactive activity and find out! Dr. J.R. Whitcomb & Gypsy of Karnevil will present to you a wide variety of simple and fun parlour games from the traditional to the whimsical.
Speakers: Dr. J.R. Whitcomb & Gypsy of Karnevil

Write A Song With Bella Morte
The audience gives suggestions on song styles, lyrics and more as you collectively write a song with Bella Morte.
Speakers: Bella Morte

Your Spark Within: Using Your Creative Spirit to Overcome Obstacles
Are you struggling with self-doubt or other obstacles that are holding you back from who you really want to be? As a musician and writer, who also happens to be physically challenged, Joe Melluzzo of Night Spirit knows this feeling well. After a long and difficult fight, Joe realized that his greatest strength was inside himself all along: his spark of creativity could outshine the darkness. In this panel, Joe will discuss his experiences and what led to creating his album/comic book crossover. He will also give tips on how to find your own “spark,” use your own talents to improve your life, and make others inspired by what you do.
Speaker: Joe Melluzzo