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The Art of Sigil Witchery
Sigils are magical symbols that are designed to influence ourselves and the world around us. Explore a fresh, innovative and intuitive approach to crafting your own designs with the author of the COVR gold award-winning book “Sigil Witchery.” Tracing through history, art, and culture, we’ll look at the basic elements that make up all symbols, consider meanings, and see how to safely and respectfully incorporate them into your own personal practice. Bring a writing implement and notebook.
Speaker: Laura Tempest Zakroff


Dancing Darkly: THE Introduction to the Art of Gothic Bellydance
Gothic Belly Dance is the union of Middle Eastern Dance with the aesthetic, sound, and emotion of the Gothic subculture. More than just a look or a sojourn into alternative music, discover the theatrical elegance and drama that truly gives “Raks Gothique” its soul essence, from Tempest–creator of the Gothic Belly Dance Resource ( We’ll discuss and illustrate the concepts that create the necessary foundation for this dance, and focus on key technical elements for performance, including movement, attitude, aesthetic, and presentation. No experience needed.
Presented by Laura Tempest Zakroff


Dark Side Awakens – Morning Yoga (Hangover Relief)
You made it to the last day of the con! Start it off right with some conscious breathing & stretches. After the session you’ll feel rejuvenated, clear headed and ready to rage the day away. Dress to stretch and impress.
Presented by: Valerie Abbey of Abbey Death


Ghouls, Grave Robbers, and Resurrection Men
In the nineteenth century, the study of medicine was growing at a rapid pace. But, doctors couldn’t learn from text alone, they needed hands on experience, they needed raw materials, they needed corpses. Enter the body snatchers or “Resurrection Men” as they were often called, if you needed a body, they could get you one as long as you had the money and promised not to ask too many questions where it came from. This presentation, hosted by Dr. J.R. Whitcomb and Gypsy of Karnevil, will educate you on the ins and outs of this ghoulish profession.
Speakers: Karnevil


Rope Bondage Workshop (18+)
Do you have an interest in rope bondage but don’t know where to start? Teacher Raina Sinclair will show you how to tie cuffs, limb restraints, and a basic body harness to set you off on your rope explorations. All participants will be provided with their own 30-ft piece of rope from Agreeable Agony.
*This event requires a separate ticket. The $25 Rope Bondage Workshop add-on can be purchased at checkout (see Tickets tab). Tickets are limited and may not be available at the door.*
Presented by Raina Sinclair


Victorian Parlour Games
How did the Victorians entertain their party guests after high tea? Come to this interactive activity and find out! Gypsy of Karnevil will present to you a wide variety of simple and fun parlour games from the traditional to the whimsical.
Presented by Karnevil


Write A Song With Bella Morte
The audience gives suggestions on song styles, lyrics and more as you collectively write a song with Bella Morte.
Speakers: Bella Morte


Your Spark Within: Using Your Creative Spirit to Overcome Obstacles
Are you struggling with self-doubt or other obstacles that are holding you back from who you really want to be? As a musician and writer, who also happens to be physically challenged, Joe Melluzzo of Night Spirit knows this feeling well. After a long and difficult fight, Joe realized that his greatest strength was inside himself all along: his spark of creativity could outshine the darkness. In this panel, Joe will discuss his experiences and what led to creating his album/comic book crossover. He will also give tips on how to find your own “spark,” use your own talents to improve your life, and make others inspired by what you do.
Speaker: Joe Melluzzo