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Alternative Modeling
Have you ever wanted to be an Alternative Model? Join seasoned alternative models with over 30 years of combined experience in the NY/NJ alternative scene, learn about where to begin and break into the modeling world, how to work with photographers to get the best results, modeling safety, tips on what to add to your modeling arsenal and more!
Speakers: Gigi Rose, Porphyria, Choe Von Creepy, Lauren Steinmeyer

Blood Sucking Freaks: Vampire Myths from Around the World
The Oxford English Dictionary dates the first appearance of the English word vampire (as
vampyre) in 1734, but stories of terrifying creatures that exist to feed on the living can be found
in almost every culture across the globe. From the Adze of Togo to the Zmeu of Moldavia, Dr.
J.R. Whitcomb and Gypsy of Karnevil will take you on a tour of the folklore surrounding
vampires from mankind’s earliest memories to modern times.
Speakers: J.R. & Gypsy of Karnevil

Belly Dancing 101
Dark Spirit Dance gives a beginners tutorial / demonstration on belly dancing.
Speakers: Dark Spirit Dance (Vasa & Shaila)

Celebrity Charity Munchausen
The Munchausen Society is convening its members to tell their tales and raise some money for a worthwhile charitable cause. Come on out and see some of the event’s various performers and presenters in one place to provide some laughs for a good cause.
Speakers: Professor JP McClendon / The Munchausen Society

Con Survival
Tips and tricks on how to have the best con experience without burning yourself out.
Speakers: Tamsin Silver, Lauren Steinmeyer, Sky Kyo, Dan Thomas

Corporate goth
Can you be a goth in the corporate world? Join us for a discussion on how to express yourself in the office while still maintaining an air of professionalism.
Speakers: Julia O’Connell, Lauren Steinmeyer, Tamsin Silver, Jean M. Hill

Costuming & Cosplay
Our costuming & cosplay veterans are here for all your questions about cosplay culture and making costumes! From how to break into the cosplay world, to making your very own cosplays at home by yourself, especially creating amazing things on a strict budget! Tips, tricks and trade secrets galore!.
Speakers: Yuffie Bunny, Porphyria, Nana Valtiel, Xeno Frell, Katie Lee

Dark Irish Folklore
In honor of St Paddy’s Day, we bring you the Dark side of Ireland as stories accompanied by performance art.
Storytelling by V Christ. Performed by Aengel, Templar, & Dark Spirit Dance

Dollhouse Infestation: Anthropomorphic Beetles
Daisy Tainton, Insect Preparator and Rogue Taxidermist, demonstrates how to pose insects for display, whether for dioramas or simple framed specimens. Learn how to soften and reposition the fragile dried insects of your dreams or nightmares!
Speaker / Demonstrator: Daisy Tainton, Instructor at Morbid Anatomy

Gender Bending
In a world where gender is fluid and non-binary, we discuss crossing the boundaries of gender norms and cultural expectations.
Speakers: Sky Kyo, Arturo Kitsuno, Amanda Black

Gender & Sexuality in Gothic Literature
Gothic literature has had a complicated relationship with gender and sexuality since its inception. Join Julia O’Connell, The Gothic Librarian, for a discussion of how these themes play out in different novels and in the literary movement as a whole.
Speakers: Julia O’Connell

Go-go dancing & Cosplay Performance Art
Have you ever been curious on how cosplay & performance can be executed & incorporated in the forms of gogo dancing, interactive hosting, fetish performances & burlesque? Come join us as we speak about how our passion for geeky things, the alternative, and nightlife scene drove us to become a Cosplay Performer team in Philadelphia & New York City.
Speakers: The Chemical Crew featuring Lethal Kitten, Happy Bun Bun, Chemical Boy + more

Goth Club Nights & Events
DJs & Promoters discuss goth club tips and challenges, plus general meetup for goth clubgoers. How to make the best of your event experience, how to have a successful event as a dj / promoter, and how to avoid drama.
Speakers: Mike Saga, Jet, End: The DJ, Phoenixxx, Templar, Xris SMack, Annabel Evil, V-Christ, Swabby, Aengel

Goth Parenting
Learn about what its like to parent as the strange and unusual. Deciding whether or not to raise children in the goth/alternative scene, supporting their own uniqueness, even if it isn’t the same as yours, dealing with judgment from the “normal” parents and teachers at school, and otherwise parenting against the grain. Alternative parenting is about thinking for yourself, saying to hell with all the mainstream parenting advice and bringing up your spooky kiddos in the coolest way possible.
Speakers: Choe & Rudy Heydt, Rick Ormortis Schreck, Kate Hillegass, Jet

Kink / Fetish 101 Q&A (18+)
Curious about your Dark Side? Our Fetish 101 panel explores possibilities as our panelists answer your kinky questions.
Speakers: Xris SMack!, Ashley Bad, Nemy / Latex Nemesis

Nerdy Girls
Who doesnt love a true nerdy girl? Video games, Anime, and so much more! Our ladies are here to answer all your burning questions about the illusive nerdy girls! The dos and donts of how to approach the ladies of nerd culture with respect.
Speakers: Yuffie Bunny, Porphyria, Nana Valtiel, Lauren Steinmeyer

Oddities & Taxidermy
Dead things and weird things. Discussing taxidermy & oddities, where to find them, and how to collect them.
Speakers: Chloe Nevermore, Jaws Nevermore (owners of Requiem oddities shop)

Join Paranormal Investigator Vincent Carbone with friends, for a chat about the spooky world of the paranormal. From investigating experiences and how to capturing true evidence, to the folklore, mythology and theories behind your favorite scary stories. Demons, Ghosts, and More, Oh my!
Speakers: Vincent Carbone, Chloe Von Creepy, Kenny Harris, Cyndie Myst

Polygamy 101 – experiences and advice (18+)
In a world where most marriages end in divorce and most relationships fail miserably, polygamy / polyamory is a very real and respectful way of life. But it’s not all about orgies and multiple sex partners. Discussing how to have honest and open polyamorous relationships and how to lead a healthy and positive polyamorous life.
Speakers: DJ Phoenixxx, Nana Valtiel, Jade Luna, Sky Kyo

Superhuman: Stories of Houdini
The name Harry Houdini is legendary, as one of the great magicians, and as the greatest
escape artist to have ever lived. The tales of his life sound more like myth than history, yet many
of them truly happened. Houdini aficionado, Dr. J.R. Whitcomb will take you on a whirlwind tour
of the life of Houdini, from his humble beginnings as a traveling magician, to his rise to fame, to
his battles with false mediums, and lastly, his untimely demise. These tales will be
supplemented with demonstrations of some of the effects that made Houdini’s early career,
along with explanations of the methods behind them.
Speakers: J.R. & Gypsy of Karnevil

Surviving as an Artist
How to make a living as an independent artist in 2017.
Speakers: Ego Likeness, Bella Morte, The Long Losts

The Literary Roots of Goth
Julia O’Connell, The Gothic Librarian, takes you on a tour through the Gothic literary movement of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Learn all about the genre of books from which the modern gothic subculture takes its name.
Speakers: Julia O’Connell

Vampires Vs. Zombies
Passionate fans debate the faults and merits of vampires vs. zombies throughout film, literature, and pop culture. Which side are you on: blood or brains?
Speakers: Julia O’Connell, MJ Brad, Tamsin Silver

Wicca / Witchcraft
Discussing the connections between Wicca and goth / alternative culture, plus advice and experiences on Wicca / Witchcraft.
Speakers: Anka of the Long Losts, Jade Luna, Tamsin Silver, Andromeda Addams

What the hell is Goth?
Digging deep into that most unholy of Questions.
Speakers: Sean Templar + guests

Write A Song With Bella Morte
The audience gives suggestions on song styles, lyrics and more as you collectively write a song with Bella Morte.
Speakers: Bella Morte