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Alt Modeling: Want to be an alt model? What’s it like to be part of the alt modelling world? What happens behind the scenes?

Alternative Queer Culture: It’s challenging enough being queer, especially in today’s uncertain world. What’s it like being queer AND in alt culture?

Corporate Goth: Can you be a Goth in the corporate world? What’s it like? How do you get by in both the club and the boardroom?

Cosplay Panel: Cosplayers, both veteran and experienced, unite! Let’s talk about what cosplay means to us, why we do it, and how we can do it better.

D/s Panel: Dominance & submission is one of the fundamental drives in kink. This panel explores what it is and how to use it; It’s beginner-friendly, but can also tackle advanced/experienced questions.

Dark Side of Video Games: We love dark video games. Let’s talk about them!

Dark Side of Romance in Comics & Graphic Novels: Lorne of Vampire Freaks brings his vast knowledge of dark comics and graphic novels to bear in the thorny subject of romance.

Defense Against the Dark Arts with Nigel Taylor: Bullying sucks. How can we fight it? V. Nigel Taylor is one of the foremost Snape impersonators in the US. He has appeared at several conventions nationwide presenting his “Defense Against the Dark Arts” panel on Anti-bullying and consent.

Goth Club Panel: What makes a great Goth Club or club night? What are some of your best and worst experiences, and advice for having a good time?

Gothic Homemaking with Aurelio Voltaire: Voltaire talks about his informative but hilarious webseries, in which he demonstrates how to turn ordinary objects into macabre object du art, with a heavy emphasis on sourcing all of the best Gothic furniture, taxidermy and other macabre furnishings.

Goth Parenting: What’s It like as Goth parent? What are some of the challenges? How do you raise Goth kids?

How to Fetlife: Fetlife is the world’s largest kinky social media network. It can be an invaluable resource, and also a home to many trolls. We’ll help you learn how to find happiness in the Fet community!

Kink 101 Panel: Kink: How do you start? Is it just for the bedroom? What’s advanced kink and edgeplay like? How do you meet other kinksters?

Kink Toy Making: “When correctly viewed, anything Is lewd.” -Tom Lehrer. This panel looks at how to make your own kink toys. Will cover lots of basics, but kinksters of all levels of experience welcome!

Meet Vampire Freaks: Come meet the people behind the world’s largest Goth / Dark Alternative social media network!

Paranormal Panel: What’s it like to encounter the paranormal, be it in real life and fiction? What are paranormal phenomena really like?

Poly Panel: What is polyamory? What are some challenges it creates, and some opportunities? How do you know If it’s right for you?

Readings with Professor McClendon: Professor McClendon is a member of the Munchausen Society and the Overly Dramatic Readers. He is an award-nominated internet author, teller of stories, and provider of games and entertainment.

Sales Skills for the Creative: Perhaps you make beautiful things. Perhaps you make wonderful art. But how do you price it? How do you convince people to pay that price? Michael Whitehouse will share with you some basic concepts learned over a decade of sales and marketing experience. You’ll get ideas that you can put to work right away.

Seance with ‘In Goth We Trust’: Gothic and paranormal veterans Chelsea and Rusty, hosts of radio program In Goth We Trust, will examine and demonstrate means of communicating with the Spirit World.

Torture Through History with Mark Donnelly: Famed author and multitalented Professor, martial artist, and lecturer Mark Donnelly expounds on some of the more fascinating parts of his researches Into torture throughout history.

Vampires Vs Werewolves: We promise that this is a discussion of the merits and lore of vampires and werewolves throughout history, with some discussion of which is a better monster. It probably won’t turn Into a fang-flashing, fur-flying battle. Probably.

Vampires – From Folklore to Literature to Film: Author Brian McKinley explores the folklore of vampires from around the world and the transformation that took them from oral tradition to literary icon to cinematic archetype.

Vampiric Mind Control with Baron Von Voltage: Baron Voltage is an up and coming hypnotist with extensive knowledge in the world of electrical stimulus. Learn about the powers and potential of hypnotism and its vampiric capabilities.

Voltaire Signal Corps: Lovers of Aurelio Voltaire gather to discuss our favorite Gothic/Steampunk superstar and Renaissance man.


Brian McKinley WWW |
Brian McKinley doesn’t really exist. He’s a constructed mortal identity used by a relatively young Vampyr in order to publish the truth about The Order. Due to the world-wide influence of The Order and its minions, these accounts must all be published as fiction. Sometimes the names and sequence of events have been changed to protect the innocent, the guilty, and to keep from getting sued.

Mark Donnelly WWW
Mark P. Donnelly is a multi-award winning author, historian, screenwriter, and television producer as well as internationally renowned duelist, swashbuckler, and constant gentleman.

Michael Whitehouse  WWW
Michael Whitehouse is the creator of ConCardia, and has over a decade of experience in sales and marketing. His hobby is sharing what he has learned in the business world with those who have to rather than want to deal with the ways of business. He blogs very occasionally at