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Stabbing Westward

Stabbing Westward is one of the most successful industrial-rock bands of all time. Their first album ‘Ungod’ was released in 1993 and they had several huge hits in the 90s including ‘What Do I have To Do’, and ‘Save Yourself’, which received heavy rotation on the radio and MTV. Their albums ‘Wither Blister Burn & Peel’ and ‘Darkest Days’ both became certified gold records and were large mainstream successes. In 2002 the band disbanded for 14 years until they finally reunited in 2016. Stabbing Westward will be playing all of their hits for this special Dark Side Of The Con performance!
In addition, Stabbing Westward has agreed to do a special intimate acoustic-electric set which is available as a separate ticket which is limited to 75 tickets.

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Aesthetic Perfection

Aesthetic Perfection is the solo project of Los Angeles-based producer Daniel
Graves. Over a career spanning 15 years, five full-length albums, and numerous
singles and music videos, Graves has reinvented what it means to be a dark
electro artist, combining industrial, pop, goth, and everything in between.
Aesthetic Perfection defies definitions in a world that demands them.

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Assemblage 23

Assemblage 23 is the brainchild of Seattle-based Tom Shear. Canadian label Gashed signed Assemblage 23 in 1998, and the following year released the project’s first full-length, Contempt. In 2001, follow-up album Failure, a mature recording of electro and industrial dance, was issued and found popularity in dance clubs. After difficulties with Gashed, Assemblage 23 signed with Metropolis in 2001, re-releasing Contempt and Failure. Assemblage 23’s first collection of new music for the label, Defiance, dropped in 2002, with Storm arriving the following year. Released in 2007, Meta featured the hit single “Binary,” which cracked the Top 25 on the Billboard U.S. singles chart; that same year saw the release of a set of tracks culled from between 1988 and 1998 titled Early, Rare, and Unreleased. The single “Spark” preceded 2009’s Compass and Early, Rare, and Unreleased, Vol. 2. Bruise arrived in 2012, followed in 2017 by Endure, the group’s eighth studio long-player.

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Bella Morte

Bella Morte sings songs of love and loss, hope and despair. Combining driving electronics, graveyard ballads, emotive storytelling, and powerful guitar riffs, Bella Morte have developed a distinctive style embraced by legions of fans around the world.

In the late 1990s Bella Morte played an essential role in the revival of Gothic Rock in the US. The band self-released two albums and toured tirelessly carrying their sound across the US, Canada, Germany, Austria, and Britain. As a result of their growing popularity, the band signed with Cleopatra records who would re-release the now-classic Where Shadows Lie. The band would not remain with Cleopatra long, as strong sales led them to Metropolis Records, where they have released 8 full length albums and 2 EPs. In 2013 Metropolis Records released The Best Of Bella Morte (1996-2012) celebrating the first 17 years of their dark, diverse catalogue of sounds.

The members of Bella Morte are known for their love of all things horror. Classically-trained singer Andy Deane has written and published 4 horror novels (The Sticks – 2009), (The Third House – 2010), (All the Darkness in the World – 2011), (No Turning Back – 2012). Andy composed the score for the 2014 film “Plan 9” (Darkstone Entertainment), a remake of the Ed Wood classic Plan 9 From Outer Space. Bella Morte also contributed 3 songs that appear in the film. In 2010 Bella Morte teamed up with Troma Entertainment to shoot a video for their song In The Dirt. Footage for the video was shot by Lloyd Kaufman at DragonCon and Connooga earlier that year. The band has continued to work with Troma and recently composed the theme song for Return To Nuke Em High. Bella Morte has also had the pleasure of working with co-stars from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 for their 2015 video of Exorcisms.
In 2017 Bella Morte released their latest work Year Of The Ghost, which dives back into the band’s early post-punk and gothic sound. As the band continues to tour the world and write new material, they remain eternally thankful to be doing what they love: singing songs about the dead and winning the hearts of the living along the way.

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Formed in 2004, FGFC820 is the electro-industrial collaboration between well-known New York City DJs, Rexx Arkana and Dräcos von Strecker.

While releasing multiple albums and EPs that have charted repeatedly on the DAC and GEWC, Rexx and Dräcos have delivered their own brand of harsh-electro around the world by playing live FGFC820 shows from Russia to Peru, along with performances at festivals such as: Wave-Gotik-Treffen (Germany), Kinetik (Canada), Resistanz (England), and Orus Fest (Mexico), as well as many others.

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Ego Likeness

Ego Likeness was created in 1999 by artist Steven Archer, a DC native, and writer Donna Lynch in Baltimore, Maryland. Taking their name from Frank Herbert’s classic science fiction novel ‘Dune’, the band began as an experimental/ dark trip hop project. A demo called ‘Songs From a Dead City’, recorded on a four track, was released in 1999.

By 2000, Archer and Lynch were moving the project in a darker electronic/ dance direction, resulting in a self-released full-length album entitled ‘Dragonfly’.

Ego Likeness signed with Dancing Ferret Discs for the release of 2004’s ‘Water to the Dead’. This album featured the band’s electronic roots while exploring a heavier rock sound.

2005 saw the band tour Germany, Luxembourg, and the continental US with label mates The Cruxshadows, and their first album ‘Dragonfly’ was re-released on Dancing Ferret Discs.

In 2006, EL toured Germany once again with The Cruxshadows, performed at Dragon*Con in Atlanta GA, and released their third full-length CD ‘The Order of the Reptile’ (DFD), as well as their first video for the track ‘Aviary’ (directed by Lynch, Archer, and late Baltimore photographer Lauren E. Simonutti).

The winter of 2006-2007 saw another US tour with The Cruxshadows and Ayria.

In late autumn of 2007, EL was back in Germany, as well as Poland, and the UK with Alfa-Matrix act Ayria (Canada) and Australia’s Angelspit (DFD). The band also released the first of four limited edition EP’s entitled ‘South’.

In early 2008, they headlined a warm-up tour of the US and performed at Black Sun IV before setting off with Voltaire in the spring for his month-long Maiden Voyage Tour. EL performed once again at Dragon*Con 2008 in Atlanta GA.

In 2009, the single ‘The Lowest Place on Earth’ was released, as well as the ‘West’ EP.
Their fourth full-length album, ‘Breedless’, was released on Metropolis Records in 2010, as well as the ‘North’ EP.

The band continued touring throughout the US in 2010 and 2011, performing a third time at Dragon*Con 2010.
2012 saw the release of the final compass EP, ‘East’, and a second re-release of the now-out-of-print album ‘Dragonfly’. A new single and video (directed by Kyle Cassidy, Lynch, and Archer), ‘Treacherous Thing’, will be released in the fall.

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The Rain Within

Andy Deane grew up loving the horror movies and romantic comedies of the 80s. He could watch Michael Myers taking out promiscuous teens for 90 minutes and then shift gears to find out who Molly Ringwald was going to choose to be with at the school dance. There was inspiration to be found at both ends of the spectrum… the horrific and the beautiful, the tragic and the hopeful. Either way, a great soundtrack was the one thing that could put a film over the top.

This dichotomy shapes The Rain Within’s sound in many ways; The cold synthesizers of John Carpenter and Vangelis colliding with the soulful, catchy pop structures of The Psychedelic Furs and Depeche Mode. Dance beats pound a path to the future as heartfelt lyrics draw the listener back with nostalgic words of love and loss.

After 2 successful self-released EPs, The Rain Within met up with Negative Gain Productions at a performance in Los Angeles on their first US tour. A bond was formed and from it Dark Drive was born. This ambitious release was written to move you, physically and spiritually, and builds a bridge between the New Wave sound of the 80s and today’s audience. The future and the past are singing in harmony on Dark Drive.

Andy Deane is a modern renaissance man, having found success as a musician, a horror author, and most recently as a photographer. He studied voice training with a teacher specializing in opera for many years, and continues to learn on the job. He has toured the US extensively and found his way to Europe and the UK on several occasions with his goth rock band Bella Morte. The Rain Within is his latest musical conquest and a new album is set to be released in early 2018.

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Adoration Destroyed

With one eyeliner-stained eye looking back over a black-clad shoulder, harkening to the dark electronic music of the past, yet seductively mixed with bleeding-edge production drawn from modern electronic genres.
This project is an outlet for the ravaged, the lost and fucked-up souls.
Raw, visceral chronicles encased in a slick dichotomy of infectious Bass Music and Dark Pop/Electro, with even darker emotional themes.

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Amelia Arsenic (formerly of Angelspit)

Singer and songwriter Amelia Arsenic is an Australian born/based creative with heavy roots in music and art, having just released her sophomore solo album, “Queen of Risk”, via Glitch Mode Recordings, Chicago. The multi-disciplinary artist released her first solo EP, “Carbon Black” in 2015 and co-founded her first and former band, Angelspit in 2004. Amelia’s vocal delivery has remained consistent over the past decade, offering high-energy, fierce sing/speak riot-grrrl vocal stylings with a femininely brutal stage presence.

The electro-punk rivet-jams have often been deemed ‘harsh beats for dark times’. The lady cyberpunker has toured with several acts, including KMFDM and Lords of Acid, as well as through European festivals such as Mera Luna, WGT, Summer Darkness and Castle Party. In 2018 Amelia will bring her high energy and visual stage show to North America on a summer tour with label mates Rabbit Junk, Cyanotic and Relic. Known for her iconic makeup art and style and underground fashion sense, Amelia will be wearing specially designed costumes for her upcoming live shows.

Panic Lift

It’s been 2 years since the release of Panic Lift’s sprawling and energetic third album “Skeleton Key” on Metropolis Records. This summer, Panic Lift returns with their third album “End Process”. This new album finds the band returning to a more aggressive sound, a move which frontman James Francis says was the result of a renewed appreciation for his older material. “When we were on tour, i found myself playing older songs next to our newer songs night in and night out’ James explained. “It really helped me realize that blending the aggression with the softer and more emotional moments was really what defined our sound. So i took that idea and used it as my inspiration when i returned to the studio”. The result was a 10 song opus that fearlessly dives through and re-imagines Panic Lift’s sound while blending genres and styles together, something has become a cornerstone to Panic Lift’s music. Panic Lift has carved its niche in the dark electronic music scene with a blend of hard industrial, elements of Synth-pop, Dance and Rock. The new album, End Process, once again proves that the only constant element of the band is change.

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Interface has been producing its own brand of electronic music since 1993, making it one of New York’s longest-lived electronic music acts. Founded and led by programmer/keyboardist and lead vocalist Eric Eldredge, Interface combines the sonic edge of industrial, the club energy of trance, and a melodic sensibility for a unique experience. Each of the band’s multiple studio albums has been met with critical acclaim and widespread play across clubs and various types of radio stations. In addition, Eric is prolific in the remix market using the Interface name, lending a hand to numerous top artists. The band’s current lineup is rounded out by Jon Billian (keyboards/guitar) and Justin Parker (touring drummer).

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Musician Tom Shear [Assemblage 23, Nerve Filter, Surveillance] and vocalist Mari Kattman [Day Twelve, Mari and the Ghost, Mari Kattman] are no strangers to collaboration, having worked together several times over the past five years. So it seemed to be a natural conclusion that the duo embark on a project all their own. The result is Helix – a genre-defying sonic tapestry mixing electronics and organic elements with Kattman’s haunting vocal harmonies. Elements of trip-hop, dub, dream pop, synth-pop, and lofi combine into a mélange of seductive beats, found sounds, eerie textures, and distant melodies cutting through the fog like a distant lighthouse. Beats for sleepwalkers and insomniacs. Cinema for your ears at 2 AM.
Helix’s first album “Twin” is due out on Metropolis Records on August 24th.
Pre-orders: http://assemblage23.com/store


The Long Losts

If Tim Burton hired Siouxsie Sioux and Johnny Ramone to write the soundtrack for a romantic movie that takes place at a haunted carnival on Halloween night you would have the unique garage-goth-punk-rock sound of The Long Losts.

Hailing from New York, The Long Losts are a musical act duo made up of vocalist Anka and her husband Patrick on guitar. Inspired by their mutual love of Halloween, Autumn, gothic horror, ghost stories, punk, metal, goth rock and each other, they started The Long Losts in 2012 with the release of their first song, “If Only Boris Karloff Was My Dad.” In 2014 The Long Losts released their first album, “Scary Songs To Play In the Dark.” Their music combines haunting vocals, spooky keyboards, horror sound effects and rock guitar with lyrics celebrating all things old and spooky. Edgar Allen Poe, Boris Karloff, Lily Munster, Edward Gorey, haunted houses, autumn and vintage Halloween culture are some of the inspirations for their goth punk tunes.
The Long Losts will be performing an acoustic set at our special 2-hour open bar masquerade event.

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Spider Lilies

Spider Lilies is electro-goth-rock with female vocals, signed to the label Distortion Productions. The project is led by Stacey Campbell, a former guitarist/backup vocalist of the Cruxshadows.

Live, Spider Lilies is a high-energy trip through emotions, as well as a skillful performance of the music. Currently based in the Northern VA and Charlottesville area, the band performs with a 2-4 person lineup, including Chad VanPelt (AKA “The Chad,” guitarist; also known as DJ Rift, side project ‘This Hollow Machine’), Mike K. Johnson (live drummer for many well-known bands such as Ego Likeness, and The Rain Within), and Tom Lynch (keyboardist extraordinaire, side project ‘This Hollow Machine).

Spider Lilies has toured throughout the eastern, northeastern, central, and southern regions of the United States, and have gained some international recognition. They have performed with bands such as Ego Likeness, Bella Morte, Voltaire, Adoration Destroyed, Null Device, Project Pitchfork, Ayria, etc.
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US Debut Performance for Toronto band nTTX! Stealing elements of EBM, synthpop and industrial, nTTx completes this sonic landscape with strong, melodic vocals, that range from soft and delicate, to powerfully commanding. nTTx is Gord Clement from Toronto, and his acclaimed live show brings in drums and guitar to entertain the crowd. nTTX has shared the stage with Assemblage 23, Haujobb, Decoded Feedback and Architect.

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Glass Apple Bonzai

Climbing out of an ice-cold DeLorean with wild eyes and crazy hair, Glass Apple Bonzai arrives carrying manic romances, frozen hearts, and the introspective darkness of 80s Synthpop to a contemporary audience that hungers for something traditional with a modern twist.

Glass Apple Bonzai, in their relatively short existence, has garnered critical acclaim for their recorded material and their energetic live performances. GAB performed their inaugural show at Toronto’s Aftermath Festival in 2014 (held in the legendary Phoenix Concert Theatre) to an enthusiastic and large audience.

Daniel’s production techniques are an experiment in paving a road to the traditional; a scientific journey into attaining the vibe and feeling of classic 80s records. But Glass Apple Bonzai doesn’t merely sit in the shadow of a long-passed decade, harping on kitsch and panache. This is something new… something genuine. This is a collection of lustrous pop songs with strong hooks and lyrical content that avoids the stereotype of vapid pop-trash and offers the listener something to and think about while singing and dancing along.

“The All-Nite Starlite Electronic Cafe” is the next upcoming album by Glass Apple Bonzai, and it will be delivering red-hot nostalgia to walkmen and dancefloors around the world soon.


Abbey Death

Valerie Abbey (Gentile) & Filip Abbey Nex are known for their energetic performances in Combichrist, The Crushadows, Psyclon Nine, Angelspit, Genitorturers & Black Tape for a Blue Girl.
Now they’re taking on the goth industrial world themselves in their band Abbey Death.
Their debut EP Realignment shows off their efforts in a dark revival in their music and themselves as artists.

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Stoneburner is a tribal electronica project created in 2012 by Steven Archer of Ego Likeness (Metropolis Records).

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Lorelei Dreaming

Lorelei Dreaming is the brainchild of Lorelei to bring theatrical electronic music to the stage and digital world. Their live performances are a multi-media experience of expressive lighting effect, atmospheric video manipulation, Lorelei’s engaging stage presence, and of course the music.
After recording and touring with Angelspit in 2015 and 2016, Lorelei teamed up with Angelspit’s Zoog Von Rock to release the debut EP “BANSHEE” on 5/1/17. She brings her signature theatricality to Zoog’s haunting beats. The synth-centered [dystopian] future pop will draw you to the dance floor. Lorelei Dreaming is wrapping up work on a new album to be released in 2019.
Themes within the music are often about journeys and transformation, stories of hope, and sometimes darkness. Lorelei Dreaming has shared the stage with such bands as Covenant, The Birthday Massacre, 3Teeth, Ghostfeeder, Caustic, Ego Likeness, & Bestial Mouths.
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